Merc for my Zealer


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Merc for my Zealer

What would be the best?

My Zealer is using Fanaticism and eBotD will all other twinked gear.
Every guide ive checked hasnt said anything about Merc type and equipment, am i to assume that its the usual? Holy Freeze or Might?

Im wondering if the Might would do that much difference since i already got loads of enhanced damage from Fanaticism and Zeal. Equipment suggestions also appreciated, should i make him a tank with high leech or stick a runeword on him? Like pride for example.

Thanks in advance, 13th

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Re: Merc for my Zealer

there is several good options.
I think your best bet would be try using a might merc I'd stick a reapers toll on it for the Decrep. That will break almost all the immunes, something your really going to need to plan something for. It also will slow the enemies 50%, making up for the loss of freeze and crowd control. Monsters also do half physical damage in addition to taking 50% more damage.

so to recap

Might nm offensive merc

Gface helm
Reapers toll
Treachory armor

you get life leach, Decrep, cb, ds crowd control and more in one nice little package. I dont think there is a better option for you since you didnt build a pi solution


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Re: Merc for my Zealer

I'd advice against Reapers Toll if you intend on using Life Tap, like on Dracul's or Exile or something. In that case, you can go with:

Eth Obedience in an elite polearm;
Tombreaver (at least 2 sockets, 3 is best);
Eth Upped Kelpie Snare (will slow anything to a crawl);
Eth Upped Hone Sundan (Massive CB and 3 sockets!).


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Re: Merc for my Zealer

I'm wondering same thing... merc choices.

If I don't care about PI's and I just want really fast PvM clearing power, could a might merc with Pride in CA work? Would the conc. in the Pride help much, or would it not add enough damage to make a difference?