Merc bug?


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Merc bug?

My might merc got conviction aura on him at the start of a pit run. For the rest of the game he stayed in the - resists. Normally he is maxed.. so i got him killed, got a new merc and it was fine again. So does this happen to u guys or just me lol


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annr said:
why didn't you just talk to akira to have him healed?
I have had the same problem with my merc being frozen!

No amount of trips to Malah, or even Thawing potions(thats the yellow ones you always drop) had any effect at all:(

This was cured by leaving and rejoining the game and I dont think it was a display bug because he was moving VerySlowly - and the other people in the game could also see he was Blue:)



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i also noticed that my merc is immune to the suicide dudes in a5...
but haven't had trouble with frozen, just drink a well or get healed and it's over...

just curious, when does a mercs aura get activated? at random intervals, when he's hit, or what?


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Merc's don't activate their auras unless they're attacking, but attacking does not guaruntee activation... so yes, it is somewhat random. And yes, they are not damage by suicide bombers (Frenzied Ice Spawns?), Stygians' death explosion, or FE bosses' death explosion -- at least from my experience.


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Actually, I believe Act2 mercs activate their aura in different ways depending on what their aura is. Might mercs for example are offensive, so attacking for them would activate their aura. Holy Freeze mercs are defensive, so being attacked would make them activate their aura. Regardless, your merc needs to be in there mixing it up to active his aura.