merc aura question


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merc aura question

just making sure i was right on this

if i give my merc
bramble armor
dream helm
Harmony bow

will all 3 auras stack and be added to my auras

also my auras (i run an auradin) will the dream auras on 2 helms stack (mine and mercs)


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Re: merc aura question

All auras will be active when you enter the game. If you reequip any gear in game or resurrect your merc, you will lose auras. In those cases, only the aura from the last equipped piece of gear will be active. Rejoin the game to regain all auras.

The holy shock from dream is not a shared aura, so only the merc will benefit from it.

If you and the merc each have dream helms, then you will each have your own holy shock aura.