merc armor help!


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which one should i use for my merc? he is currently using insight and a crown of thives since i didnt find anything better.
act 2 holy freezeshaft.jpg stone.jpg


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Well you can essentially break it down to:

Elemental Defense: 60 Life vs. 15 All Resist (Vitality doesn't work on Mercs)

Physical Defense: 60 Life + 30% DR vs. Enhanced Defense

Additionally: 15 frame FHR vs. 8 frame FHR

The last factor being +16 Strength on Stone (in this case just as +16% ED given your equipment)

Shaftstop Elemental Defense (Effective Health)
(Fire) 1797 x4 (75% Fire Res) = 7188
(Other Elemental) 1797 x (1 / 0.53) = ~3390.56

Stone Elemental Defense (Effective Health)
(Fire) 1737 x4 (75% Fire Res) = 6948
(Other Elemental) 1737 x (1 / 0.38) = ~4571

Note: The exact values will of course change as your Merc levels and gains resists/life.

For Physical Attacks I'm going to use a Doom Knight (Players 1) as a sample monster.
Level: 82 AR: 5929 Damage: 65-139 (Average: 102)

I can't see the exact Defense value and I'm being lazy on calculating it so it looks like say, 5700 from the picture.
Merc is level what.. 83? (Looks close based on resists) I can't quite see, so take it with a grain of salt.

Shaftstop Physical Defense (Attack Example)
CTH: 2 * 82 / (82 + 83) * 5929 / (5929 + 2199) = ~0.725
Attacks Needed: (0.725 * 102)x = 1797 * (1/0.7)
x = 34.71 Attacks to Kill

Stone Physical Defense (Attack Example)
CTH: 2 * 82 / (82 + 83) * 5929 / (5929 + 5700) = ~0.50675
Attacks Needed: (0.50675 * 102)x = 1737
x = 33.6 Attacks to Kill

Note: It should be mentioned that as enemy AR or monster level increases/decreases (relative to the Mercenary), the less effective Defense becomes, whereas the increases in health / damage reduction are static.

Some crude calculations (hopefully not erroneous though) but maybe they'll give you some insight. The FHR differences and +Strength are present but don't easily fit into a calculation-- keep them in mind regardless.


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Or you can just make Treachery. It's dirt cheap (Shael+Thul+Lem) and beats most armors out there. 45IAS means more DPS means more leech means more survivability. And the Ctc Fade is a no brainer.

If you insist on using either Stone or Shaftstop, I'd say just test it out and see which one keeps him alive longer. That's the point with Sorceresses merc anyway, to stay alive. It also kinda depends on what targets you run. If you're just questing, Stone might be better since it adds resists.


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+1 to Treachery. I used to use it on all my mercs, until I got access to Fortitude.


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+1 to gerkes and vamp gaze try to kill that merc :) it beats treachery imo (however treachery is very very good for a merc).

@tomersss i would use stone and slap the shaftstop on a merc that is lower.


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Slightly OT:
How do you pronounce merc?
Saw a Let's play where someone pronounced it as mer(s) while I use mer(k). ?
P.S. most will use 'moron' to avoid confusion, I guess..


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Well I pronounce it mer(s).
But then my first language is french, and a mercenary is a mercenaire, which is actually pronounced: mer-se-ney-re so yeah, easier with a S for me.


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Well I pronounce it mer(s).
But then my first language is french, and a mercenary is a mercenaire, which is actually pronounced: mer-se-ney-re so yeah, easier with a S for me.
Merci !
When trying to thank French people online I used merçi for a long time..
Groeten uit Nederland.


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I can agree wholeheartedly with Treachery...even with low def it boosts survivability by a lot. My current setup is Treachery, Vamp Gaze and Reaper's Toll/Insight (depending on what i'm farming). If no Vamp Gaze then anything with decent dual leech works just fine.


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Don't know how precise I could be, but merc is properly pronounced with "s", like in french, but with less love.


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I've always said merk in my head
now that you've all pointed out I'm wrong, I realize my error and feel bad about it
but I will probably keep saying merk


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gerkes? whats that? :p
Gerkes Sanctuary :) eth shaftstop is also okay. but i prefer hard points in reduction (versus percentage reduction) there is a reason 25 hard points damage reduced amulets/helms are so popular


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Holy freeze mercs don't use shields. You may be thinking of the Gladiator's Bane, or even Iron Pelt, which has dr/mdr stats.