Merc 4 WW?


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Merc 4 Wind druid?

Ive just started playing a druid and what merc should i use? :scratch: Ive seen many act 1/2 but is that nm or hell mercs? if u used the holy freeze that would kind of be useless against and cold immune monster. i think that the act 1 fire would be good against any cold immune


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Holy Freeze works against Cold Immunes too... (Well, the slowing effect does.... just the small amount of cold damage doesn't)

A2 mercs will get different aura's from different difficulties. Here's the complete list:

Combat/Normal Difficulty: Jab/Prayer
Combat/Nightmare Difficulty: Jab/Thorns
Combat/Hell Difficulty: Jab/Prayer
Defense/Normal Difficulty: Jab/Defiance
Defense/Nightmare Difficulty: Jab/Holy Freeze
Defense/Hell Difficulty: Jab/Defiance
Offense/Normal Difficulty: Jab/Blessed Aim
Offense/Nightmare Difficulty: Jab/Might
Offense/Hell Difficulty: Jab/Blessed Aim

You should be warned, Hell mercs have slightly lower Stats than Normal Mercs... Nm Merc stats are in the middle, but an aura you need can easily offset the small loss in stats.

I really would go with a Holy freeze merc... it would just make things much easier and the chill from hurricane would slow them down even more.


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The cane Slows them down, but doesn't work on CIs.

The Aura will have a larger area when leveled a little and works on CIs.

Holy Freeze and Hurricane will work TOGETHER and slow the monster even more than before... offering a Huge amount of protection for a caster.