meph n pindle suck


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meph n pindle suck

1 and half hours spend doin over 100 meph and pindle runs what do i get out of it??? 1 griz armor....i no the whole u win some u lose some speach but **** man.... :mad:


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well in the last 2 days of mfing i'v found 2x tal armor, ik armor, trangs armor, trangs helm, 2x nats armor, stormspire, 4x blackhorns, 3x infernostride, glimmershred, ghost glaive, homunculus, 4x hellslayer, windhammer, hellrack, buriza, waterwalks, blackhand key .... and probably a load more stuff i forgot.

also some random finds were a 6 socket eth thunder maul which i traded for oculus + homunculus (i think i got ripped off there, but most people wanted war pikes, zerker axes or cbs)

i later traded one of my tal armors for vex + tals ammy + shako + herald which wasn't too bad ;)

the key is to persist and not to give up or become demoralised because that shako dropped as a rare for the 99th time. it's all just luck remember.


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Mfing is like the stock market, except with a time investment instead of cash.
The key is to diversify (don't put all your eggs in one basket etc), so try different places and different runs. It maintains the sanity! :xmad:

My typical runs are Eldritch, Pindle, then random lvl 85 area or act boss (Andy or Meph usually), then a new game. I change areas/bosses when I am getting crap or bored. Today has been Eld>Pind>Andy and I've been doing well. :xsmile5:

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Keep yer chin up - I have good runs with friends and Bad runs solo. Recent top items ive found in the past week(approx 250 runs) include Seraphs Hym, Homons, Eschutas, Shakos, Skullders, Kiras, Tals Ammy, Alma Negras, Heavens Light, Rune Masters, Cold Facets, Crescent Moon, Tons of Ariocs Needles, etc .

Use yer MF runs initally to get an item pool for beginner characters, then use MF as breaks to levelling them.