Meph farming and Uber Questions


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Meph farming and Uber Questions

Hi Folks,

Small question about meph farming in hell and uber questions.

Meph Farming Question:

If you start out on ladder with a lite sorc as your first character with no infinity, or wealth to make an infinity, how would you kill the lighting immune council on dur 3? Lets assume your merc has an insight bill or equvilant, rare armour and helm and your sorc is level 75-85. The best you can muster against lite immunes are a +3 meteor Io staff, +1 fireskill magefist, and a +2 fireskill amy (or tal ammy if lucky). This gives you a total of lvl 6 meteor plus whatever damage your merc can do by poking. Do you believe this damage is sufficient to kill on average 2 council to get to meph per run? Is there another way you can kill about 2 council members per run ?

Uber Question:

Lets assume your lite sorc now got an infinity and is now a key runner. You now try to get a frezy barb as your uber runner, equiping him with hellmouth gloves, ik helm, duriel armour, string of ears belt, treks, 2 demon limbs. He's level 75-85 and has his keysets, is this enough to do run ubers (probably not..but that's where i need some feedback to get the minimums).


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If you can't kill the Councils due to immunities, then don't. Either leave them where they are, or lure them elsewhere if they happen to get in the way. Trying to kill them with a subpar Meteor and a soso merc stick will just eat up time you could spend killing and gathering loot from Meph.

About the Ubers, ditch the Hellmouth and get yourself a pair of Dracs. You need the Life Tap to survive. The IK helm should be replaced with Arreats or Guillaume's Face. Treks should be replaced with Gore Riders for some crushing blow and open wounds. All these items are easily attainable.


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If you apply the moat trick, you won't have to fight anything but Meph in 75% of all cases. I'm doing it like this:

Teleport to here to check if that spot is safe (it is 75% of the time), then teleport over the moat, lure Meph to the steps which you can see at the very left top of the screenshot, teleport back to the mentioned spot and kill him from there. He won't attack you because he thinks you are too far away (which he actually isn't, a lot of his spells have a longer range), so he tries to close up, but he is too stupid to run around the moat.

Get your merc killed somewhere because he will spoil the moat trick. He is even more stupid than Meph :rolleyes:

Precision is the key here. If you are too near to the steps, Meph will start casting spells. Too far to the left and the council will come out of the room. Too far to the right bottom and a bloodlord pack or the council pack might attack.