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how is yours?
Can you remember everything- even in school?
Do you only remember certain subjects - how long?

I wanted to know what you guys have because for me, i cant really remember - in detail anything. UNLESS it has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and isnt important. I mean, if im talking with someone, and then a day (or more) later it comes up and they say what we were talking about incorrectly, i can say "no, you said something like 'blah blah' and then i said... and you said..."
or if someone is telling me something or i overhear it, i can usually remember it way better than:
"In 1903 when America..."

I mean, my memory for History is not very good, but for Biology it is very good, except, in great detail. I will know the basics, but i cant remember the names of some of the stuff, unless it is given to me a few more times.
and even then, it wont stay in there long enough, because if it comes up again a few months later, i wont remember the names of the things.

so yeah, whats yours like?


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Math numbers, such as when I am doing equations I can remember very well, including the equations themselves. Also anything history related I can not only remember it but tell its relevence and everything. I have never had to take notes in my life, not bad considering how far along in school I am. :)


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For school subjects, I have an excellent short-term memory ie. I can cram for a test tomorrow but I'll forget it next week.

For life, I just don't remember anything. My friends say its cos I'm not really a passionate person, I don't care about anyone or anything so I don't bother to remember.
If it has to do with science, math, computers, or how people react to things(this mostly applies to real life) then I remember it no problem. History I can do, I just find it mostly pointless, I don't care what Belgian king took the Congo as his private playground. I am horrid with languages, they just don't work for me, never staying consistent and such.

If I have a conversation with you, I will remember the topic and how you reacted. This is pretty useful even if I don't remember the exact words that were said. It makes it easy to make people A) Mad and not want to talk to you or B) Laugh a lot.
Freet said:
I was raised in the 60s.

What were we talking about?
I don't remember either, but I'm sure it was groovy.

But, seriously, Mecal. Most people have just kind of normal memories. It means if you really want to memorize something, repetition is the key. Practice makes perfect, and all that.
There aren't a lot of people who have photographic memories and it has to be made up with repetition, like when you learned your multiplication tables. Or at least, when I did, and my own kids.


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ohh yeah, language - im horrid at that.

MV - yeah i know, it has to get into the long term memory.

I think my hippocampus is damaged... (ok, not really) but i have trouble even with repetition - again, depending on the subject. Science and computers i can remember with little repetition. Foreign Language and History requires a litte more work. And math can vary.

also MV - there is a difference between recalling and recognizing.
Multiple choice tests work with recognizing (thats how i see it at least - because you see the name or whatever and you're like "yeah, that looks familiar enough")
As opposed to essays or questiosn that you have to answer, which work with recalling.

i was saying that for:
-food for thought
-sometimes you dont really have to remember it, depending on the test or whatever, you may only need to recognize it.
i know most people remember funny and weird things, but i remember these types of things more than even like .. happy and sad memories unless those are very seriuos and important to me :cheesy:


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I catagorically deny recalling any wrongdoing.

I would die of starvation if outlook didn't remind me to eat lunch. I have all kinds of facts stored in my brain but day to day stuff, and what people said in conversations.......heck i'm not sure I've even had any conversations.


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I remember almost anything that people tell me in conversations. Anything personal or what have you i don't forget it. However i'm horrible with dates, i know what happend, but cant put a time on it.


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If it's useless and trivial it's there to stay.

If it is something that I really need I better write it down.

Now where did I put that list?



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I have a great memory. i can remember long as it's in the lyrics of a song i've listend to a couple dozen times. i need to relate things to music to rememner them. if i read a book without listening to music i'll have to re-read it a week later just to remember the main characters name. however if i'm listening to music(usually jazz or other instrumental, non-electronica, music) i can remember every detail. this works with math as well(i can recite Pi to 37 decimal places.)


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I've got a good memory for words and definitions, which is probably why I like languages so much. I'm fairly good at this with reading things off a page, but if someone says a definition mingled in whatever they're talking about, so long as it's not incredibly long, I'll remember it practically forever including the way they said it.

I'm not sure if this is so much about memory, but my sisters used to always give me maths questions when I was around four; things like 386 + 244 + 121 which I would do in my head. Being generally pretty simple I'd call that a matter of memory rather than maths, although I suppose it required a pretty good grasp of how maths works for a four-year-old. I'm still pretty good at doing maths in my head, though there isn't really much which that really works for any more.

For the most part, I'd call my memory either lousy or wonderful, sometimes forgetting things, other times remembering them for ages, with little in between.


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Mind over matter

I have a photographic memory...the problem with my mind is that it keeps running out of developer so many of my memories remain clouded. Some things and ideas I can never forget (the day I joined the OTF, 7-22-2003, for example) and other things I have forgotten.

The brain never actually forgets anything (barring brain damage of course) but it does lose direct access to information (in other words, the books are on the shelf but no one knows how they are arranged or which shelf they are on). That's why I remember trivia more clearly than more organized and selective information.


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Here's a memory challenge for you memory addicts:

Play a game of chess online or otb somewhere. Then try to recreate the game and see if you can remember all the moves from start to finish. Let me give you a hint on doing this though:

1. You won't be able to do it (unless the game lasted 2 moves), so don't feel bad when you can't do it.

2. This is the reason we name chess openings. Chess players will play lots of blitz games online and will later think about the openings in their head. They can remember them by name. Good chess players will go beyond the widely accepted named openings and create their own names for openings to help themselves remember them.

edit: There are some named chess endings too, but I only know of two of them: The Philidor and The Lucena

edit: if you would like to play me a game of chess, either on the ICC or on yahoo, send pm me, and maybe we'll play.