Melee sorcs: max warmth or energy shield?


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Melee sorcs: max warmth or energy shield?

Hi all :smiley:

I made a melee sorc like the Tyrannis build, but I use Passion + CoH instead of HoJ + Dragon atm.

But what to max? ES or warmth?

- Passion PB
- Dream Bone Visage
- Dream Large Shield
- Chains of Honor AP
- Crafted ammy 2 sorc/mana/energy/mana regen/res
- Stone of Jordan + Raven Frost
- Arach
- Sandstorm Treks
- Frostburns
- CTA + Spirit on switch

- 20 Lightning Mastery
- 20 Fire Mastery
- 20 Telekinesis
- 1 Warmth / ES / Enchant / Shiver Armor / Teleport / Static Field / Thunder Storm + prereqs

My big question is now, what do I max? There are 2 possibilities:

1. Either I max Warmth, leaving me with a 76% Energy Shield to absorb dmg, but a high regen rate + synergy for Enchant

2. Or either I max Energy Shield, getting me to 95% absorb through mana but less regen and Enchant dmg.

After one of these is maxed, the rest of the points will go into Enchant. Question is now: which of both is best? Having less ES (thus being more dependant on vitality) but great regen and more Enchant dmg? Or have 95% ES, thus being dependant on nearly mana alone for survival (making mana burn a big treat), but having less regen rate and Enchant dmg?

Your opinions on this please. Any other ideas/comments on the build/gear are welcome as well!

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:



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Re: Melee sorcs: max warmth or energy shield?

Well i guess my inputs are not mucu but I can say what i experience :)

Im only a lowish melee dreamer with worse gear then yours ^^

I went the max warmth route before maxing firemastery. I did it with 2 things in mind, synergy for enchant and the faster regenrate. I think it works out quite ok for me, but as of now i have a hard time past act2 but i think it is mostly because of my resists that is around 10 in hell :(

Well now i have to work ^^

BTW why maxxed firemastery with only 1 point in enchant and warmth? will it add so much?


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Re: Melee sorcs: max warmth or energy shield?

actually it makes more sense IMO to add 1 to FM and max enchant and warmth. lol.


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Re: Melee sorcs: max warmth or energy shield?

Depends if your doing Ubers or PvM, then don't do it cause of mana burn.
My melee sorc is like this but a little different gear and i maxed Inferno after i maxed Lightning Mastery, Warmth, Enchant, and Fire Mastery.
I just made her a PvP/PvM/Uber.