Melee sorc questions


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Melee sorc questions

hi all i was bored so i started making melee sorc and now i heve some questions :uhhuh:

-what is good gear ( i plan to make it a damage reduction, my wapon is a grief "136 dex and 25 str req")

-what about the spells:-20 enchant
-20 warmt
-a cold armor (what is best??)

hope this is is gonna be a good char :lol:

if anyone has a good build for this char its always welkome :clap:


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I take it you're using a Phase Blade. Well, what kind of budget are we talking about here? CoH Archon plate, Harlequin's Crest and String of Ears would do pretty nicely, that will give you about 30% damage reduction. I'd say don't bother with Stormshield unless you can get a lot of +str items, get Moser's, Whistan's or an upped Visceratuant. The Visc gives you a +skill and high block%, so is a good choice IMO (Enchantresses love +skills).

As for skills, you need max Enchant, max Warmth and max Fire Mastery.

For the remaining points, people usually either put them in:
-Other masteries: if using switch weapons like Lightsabre or Frostwind, or a Kingslayer weapon, or have other elemental damage sources like charms.
-Cold armour: Shiver Armour is the best choice. Personally, I couldn't be bothered Maxing this, I just put 1pt and let +skills take care of it. Only max if you've got high base defense and a defiance merc.
-Energy Shield and Telekinesis: TK is a synergy for ES and makes ES more efficient. Enchantresses don't need much mana so some people figure it may as well be used to take damage.
-Thunderstorm and Lightning Mastery: Just adds a little extra damage without you having to think about it. Not very useful IMO.
-Frozen Orb and Cold Mastery: Might be good if you're playing hardcore. But for SC it's only for wusses.