Melee Only Hardcore Tourney


Melee Only Hardcore Tourney

I haven't been on this forum in quite a while; I've also been out of the Diablo 2 loop for just as long. However, while I was sitting here at my computer eating my crispy chicken sandwich from McDonalds, I remember the one tournament I participated in while on this forum. The significance? I decided I would steal the idea for this tournament, no matter how unoriginal it may seem, and give it another go. This tournament will be all melee and hardcore, of course. Players will level as far as possible without dying, simple as that. As far as prizes go, I was thinking winner takes all: the best item each player finds. You can download the ATMA program to mule it off after your character dies. Now, let's break down into the rules:
1. This tournament is melee only. This means no bowazons, hybrids, spell-related sorcs, elemental druids, bone or summoning necros, throwing barbs, trapzins, blade fury assassins, FoH or hammerdins.

2. Helpers, such as valks, shadows, golems, vines, spirits, and bears are allowed. No skeletons, revives, wolves, things of that nature will not be allowed.

3. Try to post regular updates of your characters progressions. (IE: level, act, most recent items found, etc.)

4. Once you die, you're out. Send me an eMail at [email protected] once you die and post it on this thread as well.
That's basically it, not very hard at all. I'm thinking people can start any time within this week, but after say... the 28th, which should be next monday will be the deadline and joining should be closed. Normally I'd say just let this play out until everyone but one person dies, but that takes forever. So instead, I'm saying we run this until the end of April and whoever is on top is obviously the winner.

As far as picking a character- you can all use this form here:

Set the values in the boxes to: 1, 1, 1, 7, Yes, No, Place Markers Off

Assign the numbers 1-7 to character classes, say like this:

Amazon: 1
Assassin: 2
Necromancer: 3
Barbarian: 4
Paladin: 5
Sorceress: 6
Druid: 7

Whichever number comes out is your character, of course if you don't like the first choice, I'll allow for a second try.

Tell me what you think and if you want to join, for now I have to go so I'll post my character class and type later. Good luck!


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I'm afraid I'm already overextended as far as tourneys go at the moment, so I'll have to pass. (Besides, I already have my melee-only enchantress in the PD tourney.) I do have a couple of comments.

Edge666 said:
You can download the ATMA program to mule it off after your character dies.
:eek: Eeek! You may want to rephrase/reconsider this. Muling items off of dead characters is generally considered A Bad Thing, and several forum members would refuse a prize stash with those items.

Also, are characters allowed to mule off/on items that they find?


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Another tournament? I would become really mad if I will join one more. 6 is high enough for me isn't it?

Melee tournament idea is good, but I think it itself can't beat unique ideas from other tournaments currently going...

Sint Nikolaas

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It's a nice idea, done before but still nice. :)

I would just like to comment one this one:
Edge666 said:
2. Helpers, such as valks, shadows, golems, vines, spirits, and bears are allowed. No skeletons, revives, wolves, things of that nature will not be allowed.
I can see your point on skelletons, however 1 grizzly if IMO far superior to 3 wolves. Vines and spirits allright, but a valk is like a second player an at least as strong at having 3 or 4 skelletons out. I'm not saying to ditch the valk or to reinstate the wolves, just be more specific, also remember that when an assasin summons a shadow that shadow will use skills which are not melee. :)
oh and if you mention summons please note them all, skelletons are good tanks, mages aren't but they'll still kill pretty decent. What about raven?

''Mil & Sam''


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It's a good idea and I might possibly participate, however rule 2 really does need some fine tuning. allowing bears and not wolves?


The initial idea was to give the smaller characters some way to help tank damage (where the golems and grizzly came in), but since you've all pointed it out I think I'll just remove all helpers with the exception of mercs.

As for the ATMA muling off dead characters - I guess I'm not asking anyone to like it, just that if they participate they go along by the rules.

As for muling, I forgot to post this, thanks for mentioning it - characters can mule off items they find, but muling onto these characters will not be allowed... everything starts from scratch.


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Druid's dont need tanks anyway. they are close to barbs in terms of health in some cases.

golems however i'd say allow clay golem as beyond fallen country they cant reallly hurt anything


First roll was a 5, Paladin. I already play paladins too much so I went for the reroll and it came out 2, Assassin. So thus born is Kendall, dual claw assassin. This will be depressing if I'm the only one that participates. :D
Well i just rolled my handy dandy d10 dice and got a 6. (8-10 dont count) So i guess i will make(attempt) An Enchantress named uhhh Flavorwave(i am watching a informertial on a cooker thing) :D can i use backup skills for FI's?


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It just seems that there are too many tournaments going. Did you look around before you proposed this one? The Zod Tourney started about 2 weeks ago and is also 100% Melee - but with a Wirt's Leg required as a weapon - and a Zod Rune as a prize.

Your melee-only Tourney is similar to the Zod tourney but with less restrictive rules. IMHO, it would be reasonable to delay this tourney until at least the end of April when the Zod tourney is done. Tourneys are just more fun when the number of participants is large.


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Well there is a reason I didn't join the Zod tourney, too many restrictions and only being able to use one weapon... etc. so I will go with this one. Sounds fun. I like melee too. But hardly ever go HC.

I rolled a 3...necro "panic" reroll... 4 barbarian. I can handle that! :D
Okay Intruder is born. I may not be able to start till the weekend, but I will play.