Melee Enchantress


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Melee Enchantress

Well, after a long hiatus (over a year at least) I blew the dust off my CDs and instantly caught the bug again. I'm not into cookie cutter builds normally but this is one I've had on the back burner for quite some time. I have a level 41 bowazon currently in nightmare and breezing through baddies, except the bosses of course. Oh, I play in hardcore mode as well, fun stuff.

Anyway. I'm proposing on testing out a melee enchantress, and if it doesn't work out at least I'll have a decent enchantress for power leveling my friends. I'm not sure whether it's more effective to use mana shield, max block, or flat out pump vitality, or go a hybrid skill set. I'm semi-poor as far as +fire skill items go but as soon as my zon hits a decent level me and a friend can mf for items to trade and so forth.

Has anyone seen success in this build or know of a decent guide?