Hey can anyone get me a nice guide on how to make a medic pally for sp so none of those fancy RW's. The link in this forum doesnt seem to work and i just cant find one so please and thnks


Well really i dont know much about medics, but i liked a aura support that a friend has.

p.s. my friend moved if not i would've asked him for a guide


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Are you a solo medic or dedicated medic ?
This mean alot of difference.

For example a melee combat medic.

20 Prayer
20 Holy bolt
20 fanatism
4 zeal
Rest holy shield, prereqs and defensive skills (optional). I will also take Conversion has a bonus skill.

This is basically your run of the mill solo combat melee medic. He needs no fancy RW just some nice hotkeying. Gear you need are Crushing blow, some minor plus skills, ias and a nice ITD or -target def weapon.

You do less damage than a real melee paladin but no worries, your Crushing blow helps you out, if you are struggling with enemies just convert them with Conversion and watch them fight it out.

Unconverted enemies higher level than you will alway automatically die if they receive 1 point of damage.

Abuse that.

When friends are dying switch over to holy bolt and zap them to full health.