Meals of Champions (Breakfast esp)


Meals of Champions (Breakfast esp)

Breakfast -

Organic Healthyway wholegrain loaf of bread - stoneground usually, also flax sometimes.

2 slices of toast with the following spreads:

Slice 1 - Adam's 100% Natural Peanut Butter /w Local organic dark honey (Never Noname or PC)
Slice 2 - Adam's 100% Natural Peanut Butter /w Crosby's blackstrap molasses.
Go as thin as you can with the spreads, but make sure you cover every square millimeter of the slice of bread for optimum taste and health bonuses.

Cereal -
Organic raisin bran packaged in a wrapper, not boxed.
Organic flax powder
Organic canadian wild blueberries (PC)
Small chunks of fruits including - pinneaple, canteloupe, strawberries, raspberries (if avail), + whatever I can think of.

Organic free-range ($4-5/dozen) eggs - 3-4 of these with only WHITES USED!!! EGG WHITES. I take out the yellows, as they are filled with cholesterol. In a typical week, I may have a total of 5 egg yellows, and 20-25 egg whites.



Apple, Orange, Banana
Club Sandwhich with:
Honey mustard, barbecue sauce (rarely), healthy sauces
pickles (rarely), onions, lunch-in meat*, salad, tomatoes

This is where I run out of options and run a bit hungry in the middle of the afternoon. I am open for suggestions here, kinda loss. I may even use 3 slices of bread and make a triple decker. Unless I made 2 sandwhiches, 1 with lunch-in meat, and the 2nd as peanut butter and banana, or peanut butter and jam (Jam has too much sugar these days, I have entirelly stopped eating it).

lunch-in meat* - 4 different lunch in meats a week, constantly rotating between them at all times for optimum health.



Salad -
Romaince lettuce
Iceberg lettuce

green, red, yellow peppers (red bell peppers are the best)
carrots shredded
radishes shredded
sliced brazil nuts
cheese shredded

and if you really want to ruin you're body, you can throw in salad dressing, croutons, and bacon bits. I have entirelly cut off these from my diet, except I search for the healthiest salad dressing on the market still.

wholewheat pasta 1/3 nights
barbecued meat 1/3 nights
1/7 nights, replace salad with a stir fry?
fruit salad 1/3 night

(Every 3rd or 7th night, I make these)

usually have a tea before I go to bed, like 1 hour before.
hot cocoa, 1/7 nights
coffee occasionally.

so those are my meals, questions, comments, thoughts are well appreciated.
Post your daily meals if you want, as I would encourage you to do so :)

Thank you.

PS. Wild salmon twice a week.
meat usually is either - Moose, Deer, Buffalo, Beef, or Chicken. NEVER PORK (Pig Meat)!!!!!


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itsPizzarific said:
sounds .. healthy.
I second that.

Me? well today, i whipped up 6 strips of bacon (VONs brand for the price efficiency), 4 scrambled eggs (used the bacon oil instead of butter/cookingoil), and 1 bagel

i ate about 1 egg, 2 bacon, and the bagel..the rest wne tot the dogs : )
My dinner tonight:

Steamed artichokes dipped in a light vinagrette

Green lentils cooked with chicken andouille and chopped bacon

Very simple, very very yummy, and healthy.



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Salad Dressing:

1 tsp dried and finely diced tomatoe
1 tsp same prepared assortment of peppers
1/3rd cup basalmic vinnegar
2 tbsp ( MAX ) olive oil
little dash of parmesan


DrunkCajun said:
My dinner tonight:

Steamed artichokes dipped in a light vinagrette

Green lentils cooked with chicken andouille and chopped bacon

Very simple, very very yummy, and healthy.

When are you coming to cook for me? I will trade Anakha for a good meal.