Maybe That's the Reason


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Maybe That's the Reason

Whee ^_^

I'm having the best day ever! I passed my class 5 road test this morning! Look out BC, Steel's on the road, and there's no more N sign to tell you that he's a dangerous driver :p

I also got an email from a prof today. They waived the "fail the assignments, fail the course" rule for me and a few others, so I got a pass where I expected a fail.

Finally celebrated my birthday last night with a bunch of friends. Finally got to tell them all that my partner and I have been dating for just over a month now :) We kept it a secret because we wanted to establish ourselves and figure out where we were, before people started asking lots of questions and stuff.

Some people said they saw it coming, others had no idea. When you spend a lot of time together (dancing, practising, talking), sure I guess so. And it makes sense: Every three weeks or so, she and I would have a major blow up (since we started dancing seriously in December). I guess we finally realised that the fights got so bad because of the tension between us.

So yeah, I'm in a pretty good mood :)
Class 5? Someone needs to explain your crazy driving laws.

'grats on everything else. I am curious as to why you are sober enough to post.


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Canadian Driving laws:
Class 8 = Motorcycles learners requires supervision

Class 7 = (L)earners/(N)ovice L= requires supervision N= passenger restrictions(at least in BC)

Class 6= Motorcycles

Class 5 = Cars/trucks/vans

Class 4 = Passenger vehicles(ie. Taxis, Minibusses, ambulances, Limos) and class 5

class 3 = Tandem Axle and classes 4&5

Class 2 = Busesand classes4-3

Class 1 = Semi-trailers an classes4-2


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my driving class is American, as in get that POS electric car out of the way of my Hummer lest i run you down! *HONK HONK*