maxing avenger damage


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maxing avenger damage

Hi there!

I've been fan of avengers since I've read Cyruses Guide to avengers in the
compendium years ago. They are great build and a invaluable party member.
On their own in 8player game though, they are pretty lame, at least without
some expensive runewords, +skill charms. So I've been looking into
a ways to approve that and recently I got a little bit richer so I can trade
for some high end runes.
It looks to me that a major improvement will be dual dream and doom weapon, which should add lot of damage (specially if it's true that the dual dream
will stack to from lvl 30 holy shock aura).
The big question is how to allocate my skill points.

Until recently I've been building avengers allocating skills like this:
20 conviction
20 vengeance
20 holy shield
10/10/10 resist cold/fire/light
(combined with guardian angel for 95/95/95 max resist)


20 conviction
1+ vengeance
20/20/20 resist cold/fire/light (for 85/85/85 without guardian angel)
10+ holy shield

It seems that because holy freeze/holy sock have synergy bonuses
from resists, the second build is more suitable for the purpose.
But then some questions appeared
1. Will any invested points in holy shock / holy freeze stack up with
the lvl 30 aura from dream and is there a cap for the skill?
2. Will any +skill charms in defensive auras give synergy bonuses both to
vengeance and holy shock?

If 1 and 2 are not true there are still two more choices about +skill charms
- offensive auras (which will benefit holy freeze and holy shock) and
combat skills (which will free points from holy shield to be put for example
in salvation)

Any recommendations?

Eilo Rytyj

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1) No, points in Holy Shock/Freeze will not stack with the respective auras from Doom/Dream items.
2) No, only hard points in a skill will give synergy bonuses.

Vengeance damage is calculated from the weapon's damage, and because of this, an EBotD Berserker Axe is undoubtedly the best Avenger weapon in the game. Doom will have a nice Holy Freeze aura, which will make things safer, but it lacks the raw weapon damage of EBotD.

Actual points in Vengeance will provide a bigger damage boost than points than the Resist auras. Consider:

3 Points in Vengeance = 18% Fire, 18% Cold, 18% Lightning, 30% AR
1 Point in each Resist aura = 10% Fire, 10% Cold, 10% Lightning.

As you can see actual points Vengeance will provide the best damage/point skill investment.

You can still use dual Dream items, and max out Resist Lightning, for more of a Lightning focus. Remember that there are more Lightning immunes in hell that can be broken with Conviction than Fire or Cold.

Using dual Dream on an Avenger you could go:
20 Vengeance
20 Conviction OR as many to get to slvl 25 with +skills
20 Resist Lightning
xx Holy Shield (your call here)
1 Salvation
Rest to Resist Cold/Fire

20 Vengeance
20 Conviction OR as many to get to slvl 25 with +skills
20 Resist Lightning
xx Holy Shield (your call here)
20 Salvation
rest to Resist Fire/Cold (whatever's left...)

The second option will net you a fully synergised Holy Shock from the Dreams, the first option will give you slightly higher Fire/Cold components of Vengeance.

I'd personally go with the second option of fully synergising dual Dream. Fully synergised it will add a straight 1-7000 lightning damage to your attack.