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Thank you, maxicek, and hopefully it'll be easier for you all with the past several months seemingly sorted. Good luck, and thanks again for putting in all of your efforts for these forums.


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Hey guys did I miss something? Is Maxicek the new mod? If so congrats. I think Maxicek is a great choice. And a big thx to Thy for all her work over the years. So what you gonna do now Thy?


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Thanks everyone. I’m very aware there are some big footsteps to follow in as SPF mod :)

Just to echo Thy’s comments, my PM box is always open. Although you may get a shorter reply than her walls of text, I will always try to respond promptly, even if the reply is “I need time to review this.”


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"Please PM both Moderators". You'll get a quicker response that way.

And I don't want to miss an opportunity to wall-o-text and continue PM spamming max.