Max # of accounts per CD


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Max # of accounts per CD

Is there a max # of accounts that you can have on each CD key that you have? I haven't had any problem w/muling but at what point do you need to buy another CD?


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I don't believe anyone has found the limit. :lol: You can have an unlimited amount of accounts if you wished.


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there is no upper account limit per cd-key.

the only reason to buy another cd is if you want to play d2 at from two computers at the same time, since you need two cd-keys to do that ;)


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It's not restricted to the case of using two separate computers. When you want additional connections to bnet, you need additional keys --- doesn't matter whether it's from different computers or from just one.

IP addresses don't matter as well, so putting all connections through your external address (most people just have one...) or going through multiple external addresses (like routing D2 to your workplace or a friend's box so bnet sees a different address) doesn't make a difference.