Max FPA for each attack


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Hi there, first post. I played the hell out of Diablo 2 back when it first came out, and i've been feeling nostalgic lately, so I decided to revisit this old favorite of mine now that I have a bit more theorycrafting experience under my belt, see if I could see the game with different eyes :)

I have been looking for this everywhere: Is there a table with all the best FPA possible for each skill ?

I'm not looking for breakpoints, I know that there are so many factors and that there is a german calculator that's pretty helpful to calculate a specific condition's result.

I just want to know the best possible value for each attack (Like, I know that the Barb's double swing can go as low as 5 fpa, and I think a normal attack can be between 7 and 9... depending on the class and type of weapon) the FPA "cap" if you will.

Is there such a chart somewhere ?


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I don't know such a chart, so I guess you will have to try it all out with the mentioned calculator via the "show IAS table" button while using the fastest weapon possible and being affected by let's say L20 fanaticism. The last value should show the lowest possible fpa value.

Once you are done, please post the chart here, so others won't have to do that again if needed :).


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Problem I think would be a chart showing what is technically possible wouldn't convey how extreme of measures would need to be taken in order to achieve said possibility.