Max FOH damage??


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Max FOH damage??

I'm using either:

1. Griswold's set all with light facets, gets me 8.1k damage with good res, max block, etc..

2. foh stick, griffons, HOZ, coh, faceted which is like 8.7k

How do you get more FOH damage? I hear about 9k damage, but don't know how its possible.

I also have 9pcombats, torch, anni, maras, soj, BK, arachs.


Adding an arach's to the 2nd setup will get u to about 9k. Besides that there is not much else to do.

Plus, this damage increase is very little in pvp terms.

I mean 8.1k foh is 1377 pvp damage
8.7k foh is 1479 pvp damage
9.0k foh is 1530 pvp damage

So goin from 8.1 to 9k is only like 160 damage more (320 if -100 res) so thats not a huge increase in pvp, especially against 4k+ pallys, barbs and druids.


maybe an jewelers armor of the whale/shield of deflicting with 4x facets each?

I tested it once and the shield gives about the same dmg as hoz facet, but an extra -15% enemy resistance. Then again is it worthy enough to replace an hoz? in my opinion: no.. Hoz gives u the kinda the same dmg + all those other things like good block, dex, strenght, skills etc..

The armor is something to think about.. 4x facets is +20dmg and -20% res to the enemys.. The lesser the resistance is, the more dmg u do with that mighty fist from the sky.. Then again: Coh: 65 all res, strenght, skills and dmg reduce.. The jewelers armor will give u like 500 defense, the coh slightly more so thats not really the thing.. An jewelers ap of the whale would be awesome but better than coh? It gives more dmg thats for sure... I think it depends on ur build, can it survive without the coh.