Max Energy Shield Enchantress with Lightning Damage Back Up

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Max Energy Shield Enchantress with Lightning Damage Back Up

Today, my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. I really needed something to occupy my mind, so I set out to design an obscure Sorceress build. I really wanted to make an energy shield using enchantress sorc, but I didn't have enough skillpoints to make it have multiple, powerful skills. Then, after reading several enchantress guides without satisfaction (as I wanted a melee solution), I stumbled upon BodomSaint's BodomSorc. I modified it to include both Decent Shock damage (from lvl 30+ holy shock and lightning mastery) AND respectable enchant Damage, while still being nearly invincible. This thing is what I came up with. It is the result of the Sh*ttiest day of my life (so far :nervous: ), and I hope it is viable.

20 warmth
20 Enchant
20 Fire Mastery
20 Telekinesis
20 Energy Shield
6 prerequisites
1+ Lightning Mastery
str-111 (with equipment)
dex-136 (with equipment)
weapon- Phoenix Phase Blade (or cheaper hand of justice)
shield- Dream Tower Shield
Switch- CTA +Lidless(or some other +skills shield)
armor- Gladiator’s Bane
helm- Dream Bone Visage
ammy- Tal’s
rings- SoJx2
boots- Waterwalk
belt- Arachnid’s mesh
gloves: Frostburn’s
Inventory- anni, torch, lightning skills Grand Charms, lightning/mana small charms

- HIGH survivability (ES)
- Even higher survivability than normal Max ES sorcs because No Mana is used for attacking AND Both Warmth and Insight regenerate mana.
- Unique way to play a sorc
- A Lightning/Fire attack (No switching playing styles for immunes)
-possibly not enough damages
-pain is the butt to level (that is, it would be if you couldn't respec! Thank you 1.13)

Merc- act 2 Prayer Merc
Body-Fort (didn't look to far into this one)
Helm-Vamps (this one either)

Would love your ideas.
Also, what could/would this character be good at running? Or would it only be good for tanking bosses while glass cannons destroy it?
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Re: Max Energy Shield Enchantress with Lightning Damage Back Up

Sorry to hear that.

Re: 1+ Lightning Mastery.
The damage from the dual 'Dream' runewords largely draws from Lightning Mastery. Your lightning damage won't be very impressive unless you dump a LOT more into Lightning Mastery. It can easily hit 1 to 30k+ lightning damage per hit, but not with just a few points. I'd prioritize Lightning Mastery over Fire Mastery/Enchant/Warmth/Energy Shield.

Re: Energy Shield.
Awesome in PvP, semi-silly in PvM. A few hits from a Mana Burn pack is all it takes to completely exhaust your MP pool, no matter how large. Then what? You're planning to leave VIT at base, and max out NRG, so I can't imagine you'll have much life. Your Sorceress is suddenly very vulnerable and easy to kill, your saving grace being GB's PDR/MDR, which might or might not save you. If you plan on taking the ES route, I suggest having a 1:1 life/mana ratio.

Re: Weapon.
If you decide to max out Lightning Mastery, then here's an even more practical yet even cheaper item to consider: 'Passion'. Typically, your fire damage will be averaging 6k, maybe more. With a maxed out LM, your lightning damage will be averaging 20k, maybe more. Because of this, most Dual Dreamers tend to focus on getting the lightning damage out, not the fire damage. And the best way to do this is to simply attack faster - this is where Zeal comes in. If you rather go the fire damage route, take 'Hand of Justice'. You have a medic mercenary, there is absolutely no point of Redemption Aura. CtC Firestorm is annoying as hell, and the damage - a Dual Dreamer's physical damage is crap, let me just point this out. No amount of %ED will ever make your damage decent compared to Enchant/FM's fire damage or Holy Shock/LM's lightning damage. 'Hand of Justice' has IAS too, which is what you need.

Re: Charms.
Life/Mana > Lightning/Mana. Lightning damage from small charms is quite negligible compared to Holy Shock's amount, and your Sorc needs more life anyways.

Re: Levelling.
Even pre-1.13, you could have just loaded on a Demon Machine and pew pew your way to level 70+. But yes, 1.13 has made things much easier. Just go the typical Blizzballer or FOBall route until 70+, and then respec. Yay.

Re: Merc.
Items look good.

Once again, she will be tanky, but will completely fall apart at the hands of Mana Burners. If you're going pure NRG, be very very cautious, once ES falls, you better teleport yourself out ASAP or you are probably in for a FHR-locked beating.


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Re: Max Energy Shield Enchantress with Lightning Damage Back Up

Its a pretty standard dual dream build, except for the things that were mentioned above like re: Passion and LM.

Also, poison is, as ever, the bane of ES sorcs.

Your phys damage is so pathetic that you can never count on leeching, even with Dracs, so once your incoming damage outweighs your Prayer regen, which in Hell doesnt take much, you go down fast.

Tal's ammy also seems weird without any other Tal pieces. A crafted +2 Sorc Safety amulet would give you the same +skills but with blocking bonus, or you could do a FCR crafted ammy for faster TPing...

I'd also find a point for a cold armor, since you're melee....the extra def stacked on top of max block is noticeable.