Max dmg on druid


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Max dmg on druid

hey just wanted to ask what would be decent dmg for a 76 fury druid.
Skillz are as follows
26 fury, warewolf, lycan
15 oak sage

cerebrus bite
+3 ss ammy
1450+ balrog skin fort
ik maul( use ik because of dmg bonuses from set)
ik boots
ik gloves
ik belt
rare leech rings..
got around 2k hp with oak sage

my dmg stops at around 5.2k dmg and was wondering what i could buy to get him even higher dmg.. i was thinking of putting 2 ohms into ik so 100ed, so would add some dmg... Against players he rules cause can take down someone pretty easily, only problem is low resists (all in minus) and against hell monsters dont do enough dmg.. can u suggest even better gear for me??


2k life with maxed oak? Are you pure titan?

And put 2x shael in maul for fast fury, remember speed > dmg.

I would switch IK maul for something like a Tombreaver (preff eth) or EbotD Gpa.


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try an oath in b.axe eth, or a death with a 3x 15/40 helm w/ life (don`t know if ias bonus from other places except weapon is ok in shape)
crafted gloves with IAS and cb, gores, jalal (for the res, because you lack res) psn charms or res/frw charms ... i dunno, that`s how i would play ..


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marcello.. i dont have maxed oak sage yet a couple more lvls, ill prob have between 2.5-3k..
yeah, im gunna focus on getting some other stuff for more resists and more dmg.. thanks guys


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If you can afford two additional OHM runes, perhaps you should try to get a Breath of the Dying runeword weapon. My level ** Druid is using a Breath of the Dying Thunder Maul and I do about 13k Fury damage (no charms, decent equipment, and I have over 100 unused stat points). Albeit, it is a bit slow, but I switch it with a one-handed faster weapon once in a while.

-=MaStA ViC


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eBotD Great Poleaxe >>>>>> eBotD Thunder Maul. Although it wouldn't hurt to keep that IK Maul on switch for physical immunes.

I'd also use Jalal's instead of Cerebus'.


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I find myself agreeing with most of the ppl here, my fury uses jalals, fort, dracs, gores, dungos and ebotd gpa with 6.4k life at lvl 84 and 11k fury. I'm mostly PvM, only PvP with my friends, but if your IK set up takes players easily i'd like to try that out sometime. Btw, aren't you currently auctioning a nice dungos? Why not keep and use that, gores can be gotten for pgems and dracs ~1 hr. *tits_druids if you catch me online sometime.


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aright, so ill try to find myself a thunder maul perhaps and make botd for that max dmg, might get jalals ill c thanks guys..

Eilo Rytyj

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but druids have fast attack speed with mauls..
They have fast attack speeds with ALL 2 handed swinging weapons.

Polearms = Mauls = Staves = Axes. They're all 2 handed swinging weapons according to the game.

GPA has base speed [0], IK Maul (Ogre Maul) has a base speed of [10], which is a little slower.

Spears are 2 handed thrusting weapons, a little different.

IIRC 2 handed Swords are in a whole class of their own.



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im trying to get myself a 6os eth great poleaxe so can make the botd.. and that should boost my dmg i presume