max damage output from merc


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max damage output from merc

act 2 might merc lvl 77ish currently, probably take him to 83-**

possible weapon eq:
non eth insight cryptic axe @480 damage
non eth reapers toll, shael'd, 411 damage (gah.)
non eth -15 req/amn bonehew, 511 damage (gah!)
amn/amn non eth bonehew, forgot damage.
more bonehews available for other socketting options.

possible helms (all non eth):
guilllame's face, clean.
thieves crown, clean.
andy's visage, clean

body armor:
(current) etheral prudence great hauberk, 1500 def.

possible body armor:
etheral 3s archon plate, lionheart, duress or gloom.
non eth 4s dusk shroud with jewels/runes
eth 4s great hauberk, runes available for stone

basically, i want the dude to have at least 7%+ leech, so he must be using the reaper's, 1 amn in wep, thieves crown, or andy's. also, i'm using him for baal runs, so crushing blow is very important. right now, he's set up for either the cryptic + thieves or the reapers + guillames.

also, i want him to use the reapers, but here's the ias table from .de:
0% 7.5
8% 7
22% 6.5
44% 6

i want him to hit the 6 fpa, but i need the body armor plus helm to help, i can't just put 15 ias in the helm, unless it's an andy's visage.

the bonehew is actually easier to hit 6 fpa:
20% 7
37% 6.5
65% 6

as it comes with 30 ias and 2 sockets.

other wep possibles:
i have the runes for:
crescent moon (although i really really REALLY don't want to use my only um for a merc)

it looks like the lionheart archon plate is a go, as there's nothing else i can really use it for, and insight cryptic axe with andy's visage, max 7 fpa with 15 ias jewel. but, i still want to somehow get crushing blow in there.

ideally, i would love to get:
guillames's w/15 ias
reaper's toll for leech/itd
duress armor
but i really don't want to use my only um.


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ended up with:

etheral obedience thresher, 991 damage
15 ias jeweled andy's visage
duress armor.

6k damage after enchant and might, 9% leech, 6.5 fpa, and 55% crushing blow.