Max damage jewels


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Max damage jewels


Do jewels that add maximum damage/ed%, add the maximum damage anymore?. Also what about maximum damage/any other mod, do you get both mods?. I also was wondering if the +maximum damage from charms is any different while calculating the final output damage than +maximum damage on jewels. I have a +30 to maximum damage jewel, will i get the full benefit of it?. I've heard if you use ed/max dmg it doesn't work.


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Jewels with %ed and +min/maxdmg are bugged when being put into a non-weapon. Its %ed is applied only to mindmg when it has +maxdmg and vice versa. Other affix combinations are unaffected. You jewel will work correctly and it won't matter where you put it into.

The +min/maxdmg gets added to the weapon min/maxdmg directly, i.e. it's added to what you see when hovering the mouse cursor over the weapon. It's like that with any item with that kind of bonuses. *

If in a weapon, the %ed of the weapon itself will get anhanced (hover the mouse cursor over the weapon). In a non-weapon, the %ed is added to the non-weapon %ed part of the damage calculation, i.e. it gets added to bonuses from str/dex, skills, auras etc.