Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear


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Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear

I've been seeing a lot of guides about max damage at 117 fcr, or 200 fcr sorcs with little damage, but what if you were able to combine the two?

This is what I will try to accomplish. I need some suggestions on the gear setup though.

Skills @ Lvl 87:
1 Warmth
1 Telekinesis
1 Static Field
20 Charged Bolt
20 Chain Lightning
20 Lightning
20 Lightning Mastery
14 Nova

Should be finished at cLvl 93.
I am currently doing 27k Light dmg without BO, 28k with BO.

Current Gear:
15/20 Griffons w/ 5/5 Light Die Facet = 20/25
P Eschutas
25 Mara
35 FCR Spirit Monarch
2x Sojs
137 Defense Arachnid
43 MF War Travs
4/4 CTA
Spirit Monarch

40/14 Gheeds
3/13/18 Sorc Torch
14/18/8 Anni
2x 20 Life SC
2x 11 Fire res Charms

For FCR I would need to use Magefist, 2x 10 FCR rings, 3/10 or 2/20 Sorc Ammy, and perhaps replace Eschuta with P Hoto to make up for lost resists correct?

Is the lost damage worth the extra FCR?

I need some input please!
Thanks, J_Mo

Edit: Current FCR is 120. Also forgot to mention that I would have to replace CoH with ViperMagi for more FCR and resists.
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Re: Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear

Read that, watch the vids. He was over 41k.

That's SP. No anni/torch, but was using a Beta CtA IIRC, so would even out.


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Re: Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear

Thank you for the recommendation Thyiad. Wow that was an impressive video, I read through the thread but did not find anything about the gear setup unless I overlooked it?


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Re: Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear

I didn't read the thread (or watch the video), but off the top of my head, I think I can list the equipment to get you pretty close to a max-lightning-damage setup at 200 FCR:

Griffon's Eye (facet)
Vipermagi (facet)
Eschuta's (facet)
Spirit monarch (35 FCR required)
2/20 amulet
Magefist's/Trang's gloves
Arachnid's Mesh
1xFCR/rare ring
<whatever boots you please - probably triple-resist rares>

... however, with a max-damage setup like this your resistances are likely going to suck.

When I go for 200 FCR, I always use a Wizardspike for the resistances (and the extra 10 FCR means I can equip a second SoJ to help counter +1 of the lost +3 skills from my weapon, not to mention the tons of mana I gain). Disclaimer: I play single-player, so I can't use anni or torch (which is part of the reason I need a Wizardspike for my resists). It might be possible to get really decent (or max) resists with these charms and a HotO, and you're lightning damage will only drop a very small amount from the Eschuta's.

The reason is that the +damage on Eschuta's stacks on top of your lightning mastery, so you'll push your Mastery from ~450% with HotO to ~475% with Eschuta's... to me, that little bit of damage isn't worth the other good things HotO has and Eschuta's doesn't.


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Re: Max Damage 200 FCR Light Sorc Gear

I agree that Wizzy would be needed for resists and mana, perhaps HotO would be better choice since my resists should be well endowed with Anni, Torch, and rest from gear.

Thanks for your input sirpoopsalot!