max block or more life?


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max block or more life?

im doing a fury/rabies WW druid buyild that will use both 2 handed weapons and weapon/shield setups situation pending.

now im wondering if i should aim for max block with a SS so that wen i use it i get the block and hte other nice stats that come with a shield (my prefered method)

or ignore dex totally and just dump even more into life to make it insanly high like some ive seen here?

or is a max block druid still able to have massive ammounts of life without needing to resort to a huge number of life charms and skillers w/ life?

thanks and pleas ehelp this druid noob out...this is my first ever build with one, ment for PvP

thanks again for your assistance in advance



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situations where you absolutely need max block is slim these days, due to the plethora of casters, smiters, and hammerdins where blocking just isn't even needed.

I mean, your wolf will already have the best fhr in the there's only a few cases where you'd actually need it. The only one that I think really comes in handy is vs zons, but in that case just switch to 2xpRavens & treks and you'll go from like 64% to max right away. Against barbs u prolly just need to land a rabies and start walking; smiters, foh, hammerdins, necros, sorcs... nope, not needed. So you see, you'll probably find 90% of the time never needing it, which is why I find it more circumstantial than really necessary, but that's just me :wink3:

my experience:
every point you throw away in strength or dext could be giving you huge returns on life


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Make sure you go for max block with stormshield it is well worth it and you should still have enough str too use decent 2 hander's.