Mavina amazon


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Mavina amazon

I'm wanting to make a cold/freezingarrow/strafe amazon, using full mavina.

The main thing is full mavina though not the skills.
Any suggestions?


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I made one in 1.10 and brought her to guardianship at lvl 82 or so and then lost interest. She's certainly not overpowered but can solo pretty much everywhere and was fun to play.

She was built along the strategy you outline and was in permanent mana trouble :). I also found out that I ended up using multi more often than strafe.

They end up shooting at 9-2 if you socket everything with 15 IAS and shael the bow, which is rather nice.

I found that unique amu with huge mana leech (crescent moon?) and should try again one of these days...

Not quite sure if any of that answers your question though...



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Interesting thoughs alongside the M'avinas build are

a) Its a set destined for a Frost maiden, because the set boni add extra cold damage and raise the power of cold damage skills

b) Because you get the enhanced cold damage and magical damage you can go a totally different route and build a Fire zon around the set, covering Cold, Fire and magical damage.

Unanimous vote however seems to be: Bow is to slow for a speedzon


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Not overpowered, that's for sure. Nothing working on physical damage can possibly be overpowered nowadays, lest you be using a Windy.

Although Strafe will be rather slow, it's still useful as it's not as badly mana intensive as Multishot will be. Almost as good to reload mana as guided, and it may be faster whitling away bosses. Still, I've noted that the extra effects seem not to trigger on Strafe (level 15 nova, etc).

But it's with the cold tree that the set shines, truly. And perhaps it's the one build where your optimal amulet happens to be Crescent Moon. 15% mana leech will do wonders here. Anything with mana leech is good, as you only get 5% mana leech with the whole set, which won't do unless you are really good at switching attacks. My own Mavinette uses 2 low grade dual leech rings and a 8% mana leech rare amy, and she can more or less sustain Freezing arrow as long as she hits and the target can be leeched.

My own Mavina set is rigged for MFing (2 Ptopazes), and default attack tends to be Multi until I find a ripe target to freeze. I have Nefed my bow, but I may choose to change that for more damage or a cold facet unique jewel--I found a low grade one. So many cold immunes in Hell. I found that RoF is a good generic place to hunt for her, as there are not so many Cold immunes down there. I do Hephaistos Run. And I use a lot of Decoy scouting. One is never too careful when he soloes.

She works decently well on council runs, too.


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how about the stat points?

0 energy, enough strength for equip, but what would be a good life/dex distribution?


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Estrella said:
0 energy, enough strength for equip, but what would be a good life/dex distribution?
Can't find the edit option here so a quick reply.
About the skillpoints:
I was thinking max valk and max strafe, max freezing arrow.

But after that? I mean cold synergy is obvious, but do I need some more passive skills (pierce,evade etc.) or just max the syns (and is max valk/strafe good or a waste?)?

I haven't played an ama in years so I don't know ;)
And about the 9/2 what does it mean? 9 fps im guessing, but the 2? is that strafe?


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9 is the first attack in the strafe cycle, which is the same as a regular attack. The 2 is the actual strafing.. which is something like 9/2/2/2/2 I believe.. maybe more. So a full frame cycle, in this example, would be 17 frames a second, or 17/25 seconds. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)