Maul Druid: Where should I start putting my points?


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Maul Druid: Where should I start putting my points?

I'm a Level 47 Maul Druid and here are my skills so far:

Lycan 2
Werebear 10
Maul 10
Shockwave 10
Heart of Wolverine 10

I have 7 skill points saved up and am wondering where you guys would recommend I start putting my points.


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Beef Lycanthropy up, make sure you have 1 pt in Hunger, then go Maul, then WB, then HoW. Or if you don't have good AR, then switch WB and HoW around to get more AR.

That is if you plan on being a straight Mauler and not any type of Hybrid Bear.


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I agree with Victus and Hells_Trinity. Lycanthropy is vital, Maul is nearly as, and HoW and/or Werebear will supplement you well.

Do HoW first if you need more AR right away, otherwise Werebear for defense. In fact, you could likely alternate them.

Don't forget to have one in Hunger, as was mentioned. And for future reference, you probably don't need 10 in Shockwave.

Good luck!!


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Thanks all for the advice!

I can see on the Shockwave now how I may have overspent. Back when I had my crappy gear it took so long to kill things the extra duration was really nice. Now that I have acquired some half decent equipment things are dying faster than they stay stunned. Still it is nice for crowd control to have that extra duration I find.

So now I'm looking at finishing my char at about the following:

Lycan 20
Werebear 20
Maul 20
Heart of Wolverine 20
Shockwave 10
Hunger 1

Is this still a fairly decent build, even given the over spending in shockwave?

Thanks again!