Mature Clan/Community Recruiting! (East and West, Ladder and Non Ladder)


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Mature Clan/Community Recruiting! (East and West, Ladder and Non Ladder)

Many players who want to join a clan usually find themselves asking: "What clan should I join anyways?". For some it's the first clan they see; for others, their expectations are so high that they end up staying alone. Most people eventually find a clan of some sort, but they either end up leaving it due to inactivity or watch it fall apart. There are some good clans out there, and I'd like to think this is one of them. I hope you'll consider joining up and deciding for yourself.

I am Hotshot, the leader of Clan GIS- Guardian's Inner Sanctum. I founded this clan about one and a half years ago because I was in so many clans that failed that I decided to make my own and do things right.

So how is GIS any different from those other clans? Well, for starters, it's a clan that won't fall apart over the weekend like most clans do. We're active in the forums and online. Although fairly large, the clan remains as personal as anybody could possibly want. Also:
  • Over 40 forums and sub-forums, so there’s always something to talk about. The forums are a great place to lounge around, chat, and get to know your fellow gamers.

  • A diverse player base. Our members range from some of the best in their respective games (mostly Diablo 2) to players that have just started playing, and just about everything in between. In this clan, you'll always feel like you're among friends; I practically guarantee it.

  • Your voice will be heard. Almost all of the changes/decisions that are made are voted on by everyone in the clan who wishes to. The voting is done in polls in which all members can cast their votes. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post their suggestions or feedback in the suggestions/feedback forum. I've also added a QOTW (Question of the Week) system, so everyone can leave their input regarding important issues while remaining completely anonymous. This prevents any bias on my part, and allows you to be completely truthful in your response to the questions without fear of judgment.

  • A GFX community. If you’re into GFX (experienced or still new), you can check out the tutorials, open up your own signature/avatar shop, and test your skills against other members, and other websites. If you’re not a huge gamer, you can just join our forum as a GFX member. If you’re not into GFX, you can still have forum signatures/avatars created for you by members of the GFX team for free.

  • A competitive duel ranking system. The clan isnt centered on dueling, but if youre into dueling, you can test/improve your skills if you decide to join up with us. Theres even an elite ESCNL dueling division within the clan, so if youre really good, you can try out for that. (note: the duel ranking system is currently inactive, but will be up again after some revisions)

  • Tags are not required. However, many members do use tags in their accounts and/or characters to show their dedication to the clan.

  • A forum arcade. There are currently 36 fun games with working high scores so you can see how your score stacks up against other clan members. Make sure to try out the arcade if you decide to join up with us. The arcade is currently being rebuilt, so within a week or so there will probably be over 60 games.
  • Maturity: We are a mature guild, and are only looking for mature members. Although age isn't always the best determinant of maturity, you must be at least 16 years old if you want to join the clan. Exceptions can be made for people that are younger than that, but act like they're at least 16.

  • Respect: Treat your fellow clan members as equals. Nobody is a better person than anybody else, regardless of their experience or wealth.

  • Obedience: As all clans, we have our own set of rules which all members are asked to follow.

  • Selflessness: We don't want people to come to us looking for free items or a quick way to get rich. The knowledge and help you receive may help you get there eventually, but that should not be the main reason you join.

  • Loyalty: You cannot be a part of another clan if you want to join us, unless you're in that clan because they play a game that we don't have an official division in yet (WC3, Guild Wars, WoW, etc).

If you're interested in joining, go to and fill out the application by clicking on the Join Us link.

Diablo 2 LoD: ESCL, WSCL, ESCNL, WSCNL (most -> least members)
MapleStory: GMS Khaini (Guild name - InnerSanctum)
Starcraft: USEast, but I dont think we have any starcraft players currently.
Warcraft 3 TFT: Azeroth (unofficial division)
Many members also play WoW on many different servers, but we dont have a WoW division yet.

Current total active members: 60+ (11/14/06)
Clan Channel: Op Clan-GIS (eventually moving to: Clan GIS)

Forum board:
The forums were re-started about three months ago, so I'm still making a lot of changes and improvements.

How to contact me:
email: hotshot[at]clangis[dot]com
aim: h0tshot2k4 (first 0 is a zero)
or just leave a post here

If you have any questions about anything you can always contact me, or send an email to support[at]clangis[dot]com. If you do decide to join, I would really appreciate it if you left a post in this thread saying you did so. It would be a way to naturally bump this topic, and to show anyone else who might be reading it that you joined.

I hope to see you there! :)


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I originally joined Clan GIS through this forum, and I have not regretted it one bit! I have been in the clan for about 7-8 months now, and I have made a lot of friends, gotten wealthier due to having more friends, and even was the leader of US West for a while. If you are looking for a mature, active and fun clan that definitely will not die, then come join us!


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Hey Squire, glad you could make it. I wonder how many of our other members actually noticed our recruitment thread in this forum. :p

Would you believe it? I had to edit my post because I spelled "East" wrong in the title. Eest! =D

ale beer two

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Great site.

I went to join up today, however the register button simply didn't do anything. I had no troubles filling in the application, but just can't work out how to register. I'll try again tommorrow.

I blame this new IE7. :)


Edit: Ok, was able to register now. However I don't have my forum name of Ale_beer in the application. My bad. :)


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Hey Hotshot, great post/site. I sent in an application to join a few minutes ago. I actually like your recruitment process... great job man!


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I don't know if there was any funny business going on with the "posts", but holy cow at least this guy gives out information! It's all very clear, it's all laid out! And nicely done as well!

I don't have any questions! Great job on the original post!

Good luck!


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I don't know if there was any funny business going on with the "posts", but holy cow at least this guy gives out information! It's all very clear, it's all laid out! And nicely done as well!

I don't have any questions! Great job on the original post!

Good luck!
That's what intrigued me to send in an application. I sent it in the day that I posted and never heard anything back. I also noticed that their site has been down for the past 2 days...



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The site did go down for a while (and believe me, that's a very rare occurence), but it went back up last night at around 8ish EST. FTW, I validated your account earlier today so you're good to go.

Also stoutewolf, I'm not really sure what you're talking about. I mean I know what a proxy is and I'm guessing by 'proxy account' you mean multiple accounts owned by the same person, but I don't understand what implication it could have with this thread (unless you're talking about another one).

edit: ooh, 7 and 1 posts as in post counts. He has 8 posts now, so that through me off. Guess I'm not at my best today. :p

I don't think anyone's making proxy accounts though, since FTW wasn't even a member when he made that post. Judging by his forum name alone, I'm actually not sure who the 1 post person is. I've had a 0 post person PM me about the clan in the past, though.


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hi just sent an application to your website im pretty impressed with your layout very nice. hope to meet and play with the fellow members soon!:grin:


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I did a search for D2 clans and noticed "mature clan/community recruiting!"
Which i agree with, i can only handle immaturity so much. So thats why u guys are the first clan i looked at and the only one i wanted to join, sent in the appy. Friends take D2 to a whole new level of fun for me. Only reason i play actually.
Awaiting acceptance.....patiently...or not so


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oops i thought i did the application but it turns out i only did the registration for the site lol. Well, i sent in the appy now for sure.

lol im such a jackass sometimes lol :p

A Redneck

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Do you guys have a BvB part of your clan? if so when i get back to playing i might join, I bild gfg BvB's :D