Matriarch Zima


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asdfgah said:
Let's hope that it isn't the CI that drops the flail then ;). As for RoF, you can create new games until Flesh spawners dont spawn.

Thanks for the bonehew tip :thumbsup:
oh, i thought you were referring to those CI vampires andfaithfull/zakarumites or whatever...
but you were only concerned about the one council that's cold immune
i've killed all the councils
those not CI fell like flies, the other killed by merc, with my help (he can pretty well deal with one monster)
do as i did with korlic (or whichever ancient is cold immune):
kill the rest and then using telekinesis constantly push him against a wall, pillar or whatever...dont ever stop casting telekinesis till he's dead!
of course, all this after the proper static field session :)