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Matriarch Snowstorm

I just finished taking my blizzard/firewall sorc through hell (including cows), so here is the obligatory mat thread. All was done at players 8, with two exceptions: hell countess and hell ancients (for normal ancients I usually don't bother lowering the players setting, whereas for nightmare I tend to forget doing so, and this time was no exception). I think I would have been a level higher had I not died so often in hell act V. I more or less followed this guide, but did at some point put one more point in fire mastery instead of working toward glacial spike. (See the comment by the writer of that guide later in that thread)

In general this character was easy to the extreme, with a hammerdin one needs at least to aim hammers, and with a fishymancer one needs to make that first kill. Players 8 made things interesting though. I was relying on my walking aura/meat shield/decoy to keep my mana up (insight polearm), and keeping him alive was often quite a challenge. If there were no cold immunes, I could do without him just drinking potions, but otherwise, I needed to be able to place the firewalls so that they would damage monsters, and he was an excellent decoy. The most problematic monsters were cold immunes that ran away, some zealot types, archers, and casters, including oblivion knights, additionally I had a hard time in act V hell with spike fiends, some ere cold immune, some not, and they don't tend to run away, but they tended to put me into hit recovery continuously. Frenzytaurs were a laugh, especially the earlier ones that would be frozen by ice blast. I did full clears of most level85 areas, except for the throne of destruction, which is probably a first (I always clear it when questing). The reason for the latter was an extremely nasty combination of monsters, succubi (the cold immune version), gloams, and oblivion/doom knights. With both the succubi and the oblivion knights running/flying away, I found myself constantly in the firing range of yet another pack of oblivian knights/gloams/succubi and having to go and revive my merc yet again. In the end I killed what was necessary and left both the sidearms alone. One of the wsk levels spawned gloams as well, but there they were no problem due to a different combination of other monsters.

The hell ancients were not a real problem, although two were cold immune of whom one was dual immune, if I would have failed to keep my merc alive I'd of course have had to restart, but with quite a few potions he stayed up. As I've noticed quite a few times lately, the real problem in the chaos sanctuary is not Diablo, but the ordinary monsters that come before, and of the seal bosses only The Infector Of Souls (although before they nerfed De Seis to have only doom knights as minions and no potion steal ability anymore it was different). This time however, even he was just a minor problem.

Nihlatak (always cold immune in hell?) took a lot of time due to his teleporting, but since I'd twinked on Nature's Peace in place of Raven Frost, he was not very dangerous. I even managed to keep my merc alive on that level in spite of the vipers. Baal's minions were no real problem, of course the cold immune mages on the second wave were annoying, but once there were few enough for my merc to survive their attacks, he could engage one, while I took down the others around with firewall. Baal himself took time, as usual, but did not cause trouble, after he drained my mana it came back quickly enough not to bother. I also went into the moo moo farm (which I often skip), also at players 8, and that was easy as well, there were a few dual immune bosses, but since their minions would go down quickly from blizzard, they were not dangerous. I even managed to keep my merc alive. Still, a few times I did teleport instead of blizzard and vice versa, which once lead to an nde (in the middle of about twenty cows while cursed is not nice), but I managed to escape.

Still, it was good I did not play hardcore, although upto hell act V all was fine, I did die, once in hell catacombs level 3, once in claw viper temple level 1, and once in chaos sanctuary. In addition, I'm quite sure I died once somewhere earlier, in nightmare or normal, but since I continued this character from somewhere in nightmare act II a short time ago after a hiatus of several months, I don't remember. In hell act V, things were different, very different. My killing power was fine, the thing was that my too be killed power was fine as well. I started of by being killed by a spike fiend boss pack a couple of times in the bloody foothills, and that was the harbinger of things to come. After recovering the corpses and finally killing that bosspack, I teleported through straight to Shenk, stopping only for Dac Farren, then went backwards until I levelled (before dying I'd been close to levelling, and I did not want to leave the foothills without doing so) and then continued in the frigid highlands. There, as well as on the arreat plateau, I had no serious enough troubles, the next death was, again twice, in the frozen river, thanks to gloams, the second death was trying to recover my corpse, and was a one hit kill, so I exited and restarted from the crystalline passage, I think I restarted a couple of times due to not feeling like killing very many cold immunes. In the end the inital extra fast frenzytaur bosspack did give me the trouble of killing my merc, but I managed to get away alive, and then come back and kill. That time I did have enother death in the frozen river, this time a succubus bosspack, but this time I managed to recover. For a change I went into al the infernal areas in act V, I did have a little trouble some times, but at least did not die. Death returned in the ancient's way, of course spike fiends. I tried to go back to recover my corpse, but teleporting through half the frozen tundra since I had not yet found the ancient's way waypoint, resulted in yet another death. Again I restarted a couple of times in order not to have too many (annoying, frozen creepers and drifters are fine) cold immunes in the ancient's way, and then finally got through. After that there were no more deaths, although quite a few nde's.

As to finds, I'd hoped to find a lot since I was playing at players 8. I did find a lot, just not very interesting stuff until hell moo moo farm. The most interesting finds beforehand were many, many gems and a few skill grand charms. In addition, this sorc really was turned on by medium sized rods, she found many unique scepters (a few multiple times), unfortunately I did have all of them already. The highest rune was a fal from nightmare hellforge, followed by a io from hell hellforge. In nightmare she did find quite a few thuls to shaels as well. The other most interesting drops were a stormshield from hell mephisto and silks of the victor in hell lower kurast, both of these were interesting only since they were a confirmation of the fact that once you find your first item, you start finding many. The first (nonethereal) of both of these I found a month or two ago during many pindle runs. She also found many plague bearers, I think that was the last unique sword I was missing until I found the first one several months ago, apart from the grandfather which I still don't have. There was one drop that really impressed me though due to it's rarity (unfortunately I did not take a screenshot): two unique items from a hidden stash in the ancient's way (the items in question were the mandatory scepter in the form of stormeye, and wall of the eyeless).
The only really interesting find was, as mentioned, in the moo moo farm, it was a grailie, in the form of Spirit Keeper, completing my set of druidic items.

I had to use telekinesis to enter the hell `destruction's end' portal. I don't know what went wrong, but I could not walk into it, even after teleporting on top of it, this in an area with ground and no obstacles.

Stats et cetera:

Character name : Snowstorm
Character type : Sorceress
Character level : **
Character exp : 1396382501

Ice Bolt 1
Frost Nova 1
Ice blast 20
Glacial Spike 5
Blizzard 20
Cold Mastery 15
Static Field 1
Telekinesis 1
Teleport 1
Warmth 1
Fire Wall 20
Fire Mastery 11

Strength : 86
Energy : 35
Dexterity : 170
Vitality : 189
Stat Points Rem : 50
Skill Points Rem: 0

Life : 813 / 545
Mana : 427 / 209
Stamina : 382 / 340

Harlequin Crest `Perfect Topaz'
Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Skin of the Vipermagi `Perfect Topaz'
Dwarf Star
String of Ears
Natalya's Soul
Death's Hand (for poison length reduction)
Raven Frost
Death's Fathom
Moser's Blessed Circle `Perfect Diamond Perfect Diamond'

Emerald Small Charm
Ruby Small Charm of Life
Cobalt Small Charm of Strength
Small Charm of Vita
Coral Small Charm
Small Charm of Fortune
Large Charm of Greed (apparently I'd overlooked this, should not have been there)
Ruby Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm of Fortune
Shimmering Small Charm of Strength

weapon switch was not used

Mizan (defensive normal (defiance))
Experience: 75820624
Level: **
Strength: 195
Dexterity: 158
Hitpoints: 1950
Defense: 2447
Resistances: 155

Mercenary equipment:
Vampire Gaze (Ethereal)
Insight Giant Thresher


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Good stuff on the matriarch. Since my restart (d2 and RL) I've been wanting to do a firewall/something sorceress, to honour my 1.09 matriarch, who used glacial spike/firewall.



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Nice Mat and nice gear she has. I heop she brings more of goodies for you, although by the looks of the gear you have most of the good stuff already.


Isn't a blizzwaller actually better at running Baal than a blizzballer? Maxed Firewall with Fire Mastery is like 10k damage, not even with the most top- notch gear. Wouldn't it be possible to do the second minion wave with it even on players8?

Edit: and congratz on the Mat of course

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Isn't a blizzwaller actually better at running Baal than a blizzballer? Maxed Firewall with Fire Mastery is like 10k damage, not even with the most top- notch gear. Wouldn't it be possible to do the second minion wave with it even on players8?

Edit: and congratz on the Mat of course
No, because both spells activate the other's timers. Also FW isn't as controlled as FB, and it's not spammable. DX's said after his clvl 96 HC blizzwaller died that he would have rather had FB than FW.