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Matriarch Scythia 1.07 FO / SF

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by redragon, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. redragon

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Matriarch Scythia

    Standard 1.07 Frozen Orb / Static Field build.

    Made for running LK for bases / and those few uniques that are better in 1.07. As an aside, I also use her to run a couple of chests in Nihl's temple for GC's to reroll in 1.13 as I have no viable Diablo / Nihl / Baal runner there.

    Matriarch Scythia
    Level 63
    Strength 75 / 75
    Vitality 115 / 115
    Dexterity 25 / 25
    Energy 35 / 79
    Life 373 / 601
    Mana 161 / 387
    Fire -41
    Cold -48
    Lightning -48
    Poison -48
    155 Stat points unspent
    Low and negetive numbers across the board, I know, and a lot of unspent points.

    I was being cautious with my points in case more strength was needed in the beginning, and at the end, was quite surprised I had that many left, having got used to the + symbol on screen, and never really paying attention when I had the LCS open. With that many, I'm planning on dumping at least 100 into vitality, possibly 25 into strength, and saving the rest.

    As for the resists, I never found a 3os Tower Shield to stuff with PDiamonds, which would have helped, and I have yet to keep a thing worth keeping from Gambling over 5 million gold on various.

    Warmth - 1
    Telekineses - 1
    Teleport - 7
    Static Field - 14
    Ice Bolt - 1 / 3
    Ice Blast - 1 / 3
    Glacial Spike - 1 / 3
    Frost Nova - 1 / 3
    Blizzard - 1 / 3
    Frozen Orb - 20 / 23
    Cold Mastery - 20 / 22
    6 points unspent.
    Gear - First Character in 1.07 so completely untwinked, and as stated, no success from gambling so far.

    Cloudy Sphere of Enlightenment
    One-Hand Damage: 11 to 29
    Durability: 25 of 35
    (Sorceress Only)
    Required Dexterity: 20
    Required Strength: 20
    Required Level: 33
    Orb Class - Normal Attack Speed
    Item Level: 91
    Fingerprint: 0x7cd0cae1
    +25 to Energy
    +35 to Mana
    +1 to Frozen Orb (Sorceress Only)
    +1 to Thunder Storm (Sorceress Only)
    Prefix 1000 Defender of the Fox
    Defense: 48
    Chance to Block:  30%
    Smite Damage: 8 to 12
    Durability: 55 of 68
    Required Strength: 38
    Required Level: 22
    Item Level: 47
    Fingerprint: 0x6d3b24ef
    +6 to Life
    All Resistances +15
    Prefix 821 Serpentskin Armor of the Whale
    Defense: 184
    Durability: 7 of 24
    Required Strength: 43
    Required Level: 37
    Item Level: 83
    Fingerprint: 0x414f7b6e
    +97 to Life
    +45% Enhanced Defense
    Prefix 1127 Circlet of Revivification
    Defense: 27
    Durability: 12 of 35
    Required Level: 30
    Item Level: 68
    Fingerprint: 0x345591cc
    Replenish Life +14
    +2 to Cold Skills (Sorceress Only)
    Prefix 1003 Amulet
    Item Level: 55
    Fingerprint: 0x7a9f064
    All Resistances +7
    Prefix 819 Demonhide Boots of Luck
    Defense: 46
    Durability: 5 of 12
    Required Strength: 20
    Required Level: 24
    Item Level: **
    Fingerprint: 0x57a9c1aa
    +29% Enhanced Defense
    34% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    Prefix 984 Ring of Chance
    Required Level: 9
    Item Level: 38
    Fingerprint: 0x4d96b5b9
    +39 to Mana
    11% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    Prefix 984 Ring of Wizardry
    Required Level: 33
    Item Level: 77
    Fingerprint: 0x70d49157
    +19 to Energy
    +35 to Mana
    Demonhide Sash of the Whale
    Defense: 30
    Durability: 9 of 12
    Required Strength: 20
    Required Level: 37
    Item Level: 77
    Fingerprint: 0x7f7a0526
    +90 to Life
    Chance Guards
    Chain Gloves
    Defense: 23
    Durability: 12 of 16
    Required Strength: 25
    Required Level: 15
    Item Level: 87
    Fingerprint: 0x1b0b1907
    +25 to Attack Rating
    +15 Defense
    200% Extra Gold from Monsters
    24% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    +2 to Light Radius

    As you can see, I'm mostly geared towards combos of +life / mana / resists except for the boots / gloves and circlet.

    Prefix 962 Grand Charm
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Item Level: 87
    Fingerprint: 0x7c1b59e9
    +22 to Mana
    Small Charm of Sustenance
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 17
    Item Level: 71
    Fingerprint: 0x3695ad68
    +15 to Life
    Prefix 1042 Small Charm
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Item Level: 82
    Fingerprint: 0xeae1560
    Fire Resist +7%
    Prefix 976 Small Charm
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Item Level: 34
    Fingerprint: 0x1be85e28
    +5 to Mana
    Prefix 975 Small Charm of Inertia
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 27
    Item Level: **
    Fingerprint: 0xe15f1ff
    +2 to Mana
    3% Faster Run/Walk
    Small Charm of Inertia
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 27
    Item Level: 99
    Fingerprint: 0x15ea8b07
    3% Faster Run/Walk
    Small Charm of Vita
    Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
    Required Level: 39
    Item Level: 99
    Fingerprint: 0x7433343b
    +20 to Life
    Not much to say about the charms there, these are the only useful ones found so far.

    My priority atm is finding some better boots and gloves and a 3os tower shield.


    Emilio Might Mercenary lvl 63
    Demon Visage
    Defense: 75
    Durability: 50 of 50
    Required Strength: 55
    Required Level: 33
    Item Level: 40
    Fingerprint: 0x6460b1ef
    +2 to Energy
    +64% Enhanced Defense
    Cold Resist +6%
    12% Chance to cast Level 4 Charged Bolt when struck
    Repairs 1 durability in 20 seconds
    Viper Jack
    Gothic Plate
    Defense: 133
    Durability: 45 of 55
    Required Strength: 49
    Required Level: 5
    Item Level: 55
    Fingerprint: 0x62ffd843
    +4 to Strength
    Fire Resist +22%
    Poison Resist +9%
    Requirements -30%
    17% Faster Hit Recovery
    +3 to Defense (Based on Character Level)
    Prefix 1234 Lance of Butchery
    Two-Hand Damage: 27 to 143
    Durability: 12 of 25
    Required Dexterity: **
    Required Strength: 110
    Required Level: 27
    Spear Class - Slow Attack Speed
    Item Level: 85
    Fingerprint: 0x56979faa
    +29 to Maximum Damage
    +68 poison damage over 2 seconds
    2 seconds poison duration
    Yep, not much to say there except I need moar upgrades.

    He died fairly often, resulting in a fair amount of soloing. Mainly used him when I needed a break from being hammered to use SF on a particular monster.

    Playthrough notes.

    Normal and Nightmare were no real problem besides being sloooooow, right up until NM Baal and his mana burn of massive killing thing. Merc lasted about 5 seconds in the WS chamber and didn't get revived until Hell, just not worth the cost.

    NM Baal killed me quite a few times, but I always had a tp open, so I just perservered and finally he went down. Tyrael opended his portal right on top of a staligmite so I had to S&E, and thought if I didn't get credit for the kill, I was not going to be happy, but it worked, so all good.

    Hell, fairly standard 1.07 tactics, FO, FO and more FO, with SF on bosses than FO. The Merc survived more often here, at least up until quest and act bosses which gave him troubles.

    Loved the size of the countess tower, so nice a change after 1.13 expanded size. (Same with the Durance)

    Act 2 Duriel wasn't too bad, went home once after the merc died to revive him to give me a few seconds to further SF Duriel, than just ran around in circles with little D on my tail, throwing FO ahead of me until he died.

    Act 3, no problems, had to go through the great marsh, but found the sewer lvl 2, 2 ports from the stairs I took. No merc deaths until the Council who wilted him. Ended up clearing a bit of an area around some of the ponds to give me space to run around and repeated little D's tactics of throwing FO ahead.

    Mephy, cheesy but I used to moat to kill him, and also tp'ed past the council.

    Act 4 Went to LK and killed the merc so the corpulents etc wouldn't eat him. I lost one in a previous playthrough and learnt a painful lesson there. So had to solo hell right up to the CS, but mostly ported past a lot to grab the WP's.

    Raised the merc for Izual, a risk as there were corpulents around, but I did kill a wide area around hiim first, then again used him for a shiled while I SF'ed Izual.

    Skipped the HF, I had thoughts of bringing her forward to use the quest on a Beta CTA, but I doubt that will happen, the build is no good in 1.10, and I really dont want to go through 1.07 again with no players x command.

    The CS, raised the merc again, he didn't do to badly here, only died to the Infector of Souls. Raised him again, and used him as bait for Big D to attack while I spammed SF, then same tactics again, run and shoot FO ahead of me, change underwear after a near miss from lightning hose and no portal open, eventually finish him.

    Act 5 things turned nasty here, massed imps drained my life bulb fairly quick in both the Frigid highland and the Plateau. Eventually freed the barb's by porting around to rescue them, and ignoring most monsters. The Ice cave areas were much more easier, rescued Anya fairly easily, parked Frozenstein though.

    Nihlatalak was a damn nightmare, CE got me about 5 times, merc no help. I eventually led most of his minions away to kill so he couldn't CE me, raised the moron, and TP'ed next to him, spammed SF, changed to FO and prayed because he had a couple of minons left, but he died first.

    The ancient were actually fairly easy, no bad mods on them, so SF'ed Korlic right down straight away until the merc died, then ran and Spammed FO ahead, Korlic died quickly, followed by Talic, Madawac didn't throw much, but when he did I needed a full rejuv, but they all went down eventually. Gained 3 levels here.

    The WSK, got through with 1 death, was fairly cautious, found the WP, then the stairs down were nice and close, and the stairs down to 3 were in the next room from lvl 2 so that was nice.

    Cleared the throne level in preperation for the minions, first 2 waves were fairly simple, the council wasn't bad, just took some time. The Pit Lords were FAST! Quick tp'ing saved me and I picked them off one at a time and after a while they were all down. Last wave was deadly, ended up parking Lister.

    Baal. Mana burn thing. Horrible, died 8 or 9 times, but always had a TP open, so kept perservering. Couldn't get close safely to SF him at first, then just threw caution to the wind, and ported right in front of him and spammed SF while he spammed the blue pointy thing and I spammed Full Rejuvs then ported away. Eventually he went down.


    Funny to note that Tyreal again opened the Destructions End portal where I couldn't get to it, maybe he's lonely. :D

    So now I'm back to LK for some rack running. Didn't really have to Mat Scythia, but it's a nice acheivment., and I enjoyed most of it after a few levels in FO.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. pharphis

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    holy cow, you got baal all the way over there?

    If you aren't afraid to use a socket quest I would just shop a chromatic TS of something and punch holes in it for pdiamonds...

    I'd also switch to barb merc ASAP and just craft a crappy blood sword from an eth base from a rack or something (CB?) until you get around to getting either BK CB or even better a grandfather blade (+life/25% life is a MUST for 1.07 mercs) if you even want to bother.. This is more of a long term investment if you plan to rush forges or run bosses or something
  3. redragon

    redragon Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Thanks Pharphis. Yeah, the Baal fight took about a half hour all told and involved much running away / porting which led to Baal following.

    I've read the guides, and mostly just apathy has prevented me from making this character better equipped, and as for the Merc, I've never used anything but an Act 2 merc before, so I stayed with that, even though the guide tells me a barb is a better option.

    I do have a stable CB rack in LK atm actually though, so I'll give a barb a try with a few crafts, see what happens.

    I didn't do a lot of shopping either, never thought of that, spent all my monies on gambling and rez'ing the moron.

    Not a lot of thought really went into this one, it was more just a rack runner at first, never planned to even get to Baal, but gradually I got to like the playstyle, and deceided to give Baal a go and see how Hell cows go in 1.07.
  4. pharphis

    pharphis Diabloii.Net Site Pal

    Aug 1, 2011
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    ouu cows are good. All the more reason to get a GF CB for your merc (they hit hard :()

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