Matriarch SaraLee, Sidhavirate 1/14


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Matriarch SaraLee, Sidhavirate 1/14

“That’s it, I’ve had enough!†Tossing one last stone towards the Ancients, SaraLee jumped up and quickly started to pack her things, struggling to put on her armor at the same time. “Chalan, put your guitar away, and don your armor, please? We’re not only going to consult the Ancients, we’re going to hurt them, badly. That will show them we mean businessâ€, she said angrily.

Shortly after, SaraLee and Chalan arrived at the shrine-like area where the Ancients resided. Bravely, SaraLee walked towards the middle of the shrine, face grim with determination, and put her hand on top of the stone pillar. “We are the spirits…†“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that speech several times already, bring it on…†She quickly jumped away from the pillar, shouting a warning to Chalan, who was staring off into the distance again, no doubt composing new songs in his head. One look at the Ancients, who were now coming towards her, convinced her that this time, at last, she would beat them and could continue on her Quest. Hailing Meteors from the skies, spamming Fire Balls, conjuring up Frozen Orbs, and Teleporting around the area to find better places to make a stand and to keep out of reach of the warriors, she and Chalan managed to bring down the first one of the Ancients, Korlic. Continuing the same tactics, SaraLee stopped in her tracks when she heard a scream of intense pain. She looked into the general direction of the scream, and there lay Chalan face-down in the snow, one throwing axe lodged in his helmet, still quivering from the impact. She wanted to go to him and see if he was alright, but the advancing two Ancients demanded her full attention. Mumbling a quick prayer to the Gods, she concentrated on Madawc and Talic. With Chalan down, she changed her tactics, Teleporting more and more, so she could separate the remaining Ancients and take them down one at the time. Talic soon followed Korlic’s demise, and returned to the golden state of statueness. Spamming Fire Balls soon reduced Madawc to a bloody heap on the floor, one last blast sent him back to where he came from.

Neglecting her weariness, SaraLee ran stumbling to where Chalan lay. She sighed in relief when she discovered that her companion was merely unconscious, and conjured up a Town Portal to take them back to Harrogath, where they would stay to recover before venturing into the Worldstone Keep, to slay the last of the three Evils…


Matriarch SaraLee, MeteOrbress
Matted at level 84, but will continue leveling till she’s level 90 (at least).

Stats before/after gear:
Str: 100 / 109
Dex: 105 / 125
(blocking 56% on with Whitstan's or 37% with Rhyme)
Vit: 200 / 200 (925 life)
En: 105 / 115 (771 mana)

Main Skills:
- Meteor, lvl 28 after +skills: 10076-10569 damage, 1240-1318 average damage per second.
- Frozen Orb, lvl 27 after +skills: 425-446 damage.
- Fire Ball, lvl 27 after +skills: 4067-4513 damage.
(also maxed Fire Mastery and 11 points in Cold Mastery, plus the prereqs and the one point wonders, of course)

Gear SaraLee:
Full Tal’s set
Whitstan’s Guard/Rhyme Troll Nest
Manald Heal ring
Stone of Jordan

Resistances: 66/74/75/52, or with Rhyme all 75.

Info on Chalan:
Act 2 NM, Defiance Mercenary, lvl 83.
Damage: 290-1617
Defense: 2176 (with aura)
Life: 1810
All resistances: 50

Gear Chalan:
Guillaume’s Face/Vampire Gaze
Reaper’s Toll, with Shael

Hardest part:
Definitely the Ancients on Hell difficulty! It took a lot of time and a lot of re-rolling before SaraLee finally managed to take them down. The “winning†roll was quite good: no CI/FI combination, no curse, and SaraLee was not anywhere near Madawc when he exploded (FE-thingy). One of them had the Holy Shock aura, but that didn’t hurt too much. It took about 5 minutes to take kill them all, plus a few Full Juvi’s and 50000 gold to resurrect Chalan afterwards.

This was the first char I completely solo’d through the game. She’s also the first of my SC double septivarite of Sorceresses to get to Matriarch status: 1 down, 13 to go… ;)


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Congrats on the mat, that was quick, eh? ;) Must you always rush through the game like that? :D Also: nice write up, makes my threads look bad in comparison, what with all the cold heartless facts and no articistic touch whatsoever :p

Anyway, good luck on the remaining 13, the race is on... :teeth: (j/k)


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long live all meteorb sorc, for they are the sexiest of all D2 characters!

Nice work, soloing the ancients isn't easy, even with a relatively cookie-cutter build.

Is the defiance merc worth it? I figure almost any act2 merc would stay alive with all the dam res, and holy freeze is kinda' handy.


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Thanks for the gratz :)

@Nightfish: Yes, i know, i play s-l-o-w. *giggles* Race is on indeed, but as i said before, i'll let you win... ;)

@Artagas: Actually, a defiance merc definately isn't the best choice there is, but Chalan did well enough, so i let him stay...


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Gogo Siddy :D
I knew SaraLee could do it.
I hope you cleaned up all those rocks afterwards :)

- Jas :howdy:


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seige said:
I hope you cleaned up all those rocks afterwards :)
Nah, left them right where they landed. If the Ancients want to get rid of them, they can so do it themselves, that should teach them! :p

Thanks all of you for the reading and the gratz! *hugs*


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Congrats on the first solo character. May it be one of many (or 14 at least) :D

I loved the write-up too


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awesome sid. simply awesome.

now the main hurdle is gone the next 13 will simply fly by.