Matriarch Morgaine


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Matriarch Morgaine

I finally finished the Vega sorc. She blew through ActV with only 1 death to Nihlathak and his corpse explosion/pit viper hitting at the same time, ancients need only one restart (fire/cold immune).

Roughly here are her...

Stats (with equip)
Lvl 86

Str 135
Dex Enough to maintain perfect block (190 I think)
Vit 200 or so
Eng 50

FO 20
CM 8

FB 20
ME 20
FM 13 (I think, I was maxing this)

All the support skills 1, 3 Warmth (this only needs to be 1!)

Occy + 15% res jewel (sadly it was my only one)
Whistan's +2 pdiamond (self found)
Shako + ptopaz (self found)
Vipermagi 29% (self found)
T-gods (self found)
War travs 48% (self found)
Amulet rare +2 fire skills, +15 all res, 10% fast cast
Dwarf Star

Merc Equip (Act II, Nightmare)
Guillaume's Face
Upgraded Woestave (!?! you ask)

This character is fun to play and versatile. Great MF against Mephy and alot of others, sorry no pit (too many immunes for speed). Funny thing is she kicks against Baal as well which I didn't think would happen. Here's how. The Merc's Woestave slows target 50%, and when he's frozen from Holy Freeze and my FO, he doesn't move, and he doesn't attack! That means teleport next to him, feed merc 1 potion, bang he's stunned, static and then meteor/FB/FO away until dead. The CB on the merc is just gravy. It takes less than a minute, almost faster than my CB necro. The Woestave unfortunately doesn't work against Meph or Diablo (his little fire wave destroys my Merc, although I do have Steelshade so maybe with that equipped he could tank Diablo, + Guardian Angel or something of the sort). If I was careful this character could Guardian at HC, but I'm not so I don't dare. Next project is a hammerdin then back to my favorite build ever. PS/TS/Dtail Assassin.


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Congratulations! :clap: I'm impressed that you've thought up a possible use for Steelshade which most people have thought is totally useless - then again if you can kill Baal easily you don't really need to go back for Diablo...

Good luck with your hammerdin!


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Congratulations on the new mat. That is a nice tactic for Baal running, best of luck on future MFing endeavors!