Matriarch Melody


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Matriarch Melody

In my continuing effort to find ways to keep Insight out of the hands of Act 2 mercs, I present Matriarch Melody. She is my 3rd 2-handed enchantress, and I'm still having fun with the variations. This time around I went for Energy shield to put Insight's meditation aura to use. It worked quite well overall. As expected, mana burners made her really hate life. It was a bit strange playing a character who could ignore most of the classic "nasty" mods as long as mana burn wasn't in the pack.

She didn't run into many problems going through the game. When areas spawned with large numbers of fire immunes, it was a real pain, especially when they weren't demons. Her biggest enemy was Gloams, which really isn't all that much of a surprise. :grin: The Chaos Sanctuary was also a big pain with lots of fire immunes and the constant danger of IM. In NM I used the Kuko in the Chaos Sanctuary, but with FI Doom nights, it really wasn't very effective. Since she had an interruptible singe attack, I decided to just be careful. She could survive at least one hit while IMed, so it worked out okay.

The Ancients were a long fight, but never very dangerous. The first roll didn't pop up any nasty looking auras, so I went for it. Korlic (LE, extra strong) was the only of the three who wasn't fire immune, so he went down first. Madwac was FE CE, and he managed to get some good hits in on the merc, but he wasn't a problem. Talic was the issue. He was Stone Skin Mana Burn (and Fire Immune.) His whirls immediately dropped Energy Shield, and I wasn't doing any real damage to him either. I finally decided to let the merc handle him with Venom and Open Wounds. It took forever (I had to recast Enchant during the fight) but there was never any real danger. I tried to lead Korlic around in such a way to write something out with the OW blood, but I discovered it disappeared as soon as it went off screen, killing that idea to make the fight more interesting. :grin:

The first 3 levels of the WSK all had pretty easy spawns. I got to the throne room, prepared for a door trap. I wasn't disappointed. As soon as she entered the level she was IMed by a champion pack of OKs and charged by Vipers. A couple of fire immune Frenzytaurs came around the corner to join the party. I would lead a few monsters around the corner away from the OKs, and then (carefully) teleport around the edge of the pack taking swings and eventually clearing the first area out. After that things went a lot better, and the strategy was generally to teleport on top of OKs and then clean up the others without the fear of getting IMed.

Baal's minions went pretty smoothly. Ventar was the most annoying, spawning Conviction Mana Burn. Baal himself was easy once the merc got a hit in triggering the slow.

She didn't have any MF, so she didn't have that many notable finds. She picked up Tal's Ammy doing pit runs to level, and a 25 life Javelin skiller in the Bloody Foothills. Her NM/Hell hellforges were Dol/Mal.

Normal/NM were done on /p8, Hell on /p1.

Stats and Equipment

Level: 85
Resistances in Hell: 69/18/44/35
Total FHR: 10% (13 Frames)
IAS: 55% (11 Frame Attack)
FCR: 65% (9 Frame B.P.)

Stats (With Equipment)
Strength: 75 (97)
Dexterity: 25 (53)
Vitality: 195 (200) [Life: 749]
Energy: 220 (225) [Mana: 713]

Total: 7874-9859 (AR 4864)
Fire: 7303-8664
Physical: 470-752 (With 38% CS / 31% DS)
Lightning: 10-321

Skill Point Allocation (with + skills) [Prebuff]

Lightning Skills
Charged Bolt: 1 (6)
Lighting: 1 (6)
Chain Lightning: 1 (6)
Telekenesis: 20 (25)
Teleport: 1 (6)
Energy Shiled: 9 (14) [20]
Lightning Mastery: 1 (6)

Fire Skills:
Fire Bolt: 1 (8)
Fire Ball: 1 (8)
Warmth: 20 (27)
Enchant: 20 (27) [39]
Fire Mastery: 20 (27) [33]

Rare Coronet (+2 Sorceress skills, +17 Strength, + 90 mana, All Resistances +19, MDR 2) socketed with a PRuby
Upgraded Skin of the Vipermagi with IAS Jewel
Laying of Hands
String of Ears
Goblin Toe Boots
Nature's Peace Ring
Raven Frost
Highlord's Wrath
Insight Shillelagh

Weapon Switch: +3 Enchant Memory Gnarled Staff

+3 Enchant Ormus (10% Fire Damage)
Volcanic diadem
Volcanic amulet
Ring with +strength to help equip the prebuff gear

Charms: 3 Burning Skillers, 1 Sparking Skiller, 2 Steel GCs of Substanance, several Resist and Vita SCs, 4 Arcing Small Charms (one with 5% FHR) and a SC of Balance. (Yes, her inventory was completely full.)

Equipment - Mercenary
Riphook Razor Bow
Treachery Dusk Shroud
Blackhorn's Face


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Wow, awesome job cattleya, mind my asking, how in the world did you hit such high fire dmg?
Lots of +skills on the prebuff. :grin: Fire mastery is applied both when you cast enchant and when you hit in melee, so you end up doing Enchant Damage X Synergy Bonus from Warmth x Fire Mastery at time of casting x Fire Mastery at time of hitting.



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Nice build Catt and congrats on beating Hell.

Good to see another supporter of the A1 merc. Upgraded Riphook is a great bow. Did you stick with the quest reward merc or hire another?


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*Adds Insight wielding Enchantress to his list of things to do*

This looks really interesting and I look forward to having the gear to try it.

Congrats Cat!


Sir Lister of Smeg

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Although your final life was higher than your mana, did you ever run into blood-mana-curse problems? I'm thinking of making an energy only sorc, and wondering about survival chances.


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Thanks everyone. :girly:

@Atil: I can't remember for sure, but I likely hired a new one. I usually do rehire to get a slightly higher level one, and to make sure its a Fire Rogue. I didn't have a Pul rune to upgrade the bow, but it still worked out surpisingly well anyhow. She was really there for the Slow, Venom, and OW anyhow.

@Sir Lister: I intentionally kept the life a little higher than the mana throughout to avoid the Blood Mana curse, although the real motivation was I also didn't want to be completely helpless around mana burners. (Being a no shield, low defense melee build she got hit a fair amount, so I had to be prepared for ES to drop.) The blood mana curse gave a good excuse to pick slightly more life than mana as the balance point. Of course, for a non-melee sorc with a tank merc, the mana burn issue might not be as big a deal.