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Matriarch Life - Frozen Orb / Enchant "Green Goblin"

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by drmalawi, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Jul 23, 2017
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    Matriarch Life - Frozen Orb / Enchant "Green Goblin" (Weekend warrior)

    Finished at level 78

    Theme/story: See my Green Goblin sept thread

    End-game gear:
    Leviathan "Hel"
    Vamp gaze "Thul"
    35 fcr Spirit Monarch
    Heart of the Oak 39 all ress Flail
    Crafted caster sharkskin belt with 10 FCR and 47 life.
    Rare boots with 30 frw, 29 light res and 25 MF
    Maras 27 all res
    BK ring

    Switch: life tap wand (lvl 5), lower res wand (lvl 3)

    I did strength bug Armor with amulet of the atlas and ring of the giant

    Enchant buff: Volcanic cirlet and amulet, 2 Fire skillers gave about average 1.7k fire damage for the merc. I could have used more fire skillers but did not feel like messing around too much.

    Act II Holy Freeze
    Vamp gaze
    Trechery Ebugged Diamond mail
    Eth Insight thresher 17 medidation aura 5 critical strike 200% ED

    Final stats:
    75% res all
    1114 life
    495 mana
    4k defense with Frozen armor (lvl 10)
    105 FCR
    60 FHR
    41% Damage reduction.

    20 (29) frozen orb
    9 (18) cold mastery
    2 (8) static field
    1 (7) Teleport
    20 (27) Warmth
    20 (27) Enchant
    8 (15) Fire Mastery

    3 Cold skillers (2 came from gynli thanks alot!)
    Life and res charms otherwise.

    Everything went smooth. It was funny to see how effective static field, lower res and an enchanted Act II merc one-shots basically everything that was not cold immune. She leveled up with Nova, very funny spell to use! When merc died, it was a bit painful since we had to enchant buff him and also fade buff his trechery. Also the strength bugging of the armor can be a bit annoying, but totally worth it. The damage reduction was very useful against cold immune spear cats and other cold immune ranged attackers.

    Number of deaths: 1 (nightmare Hephasto on p8, we were cursed with amp dmg and he had both might and fanatiscm...)

    Noteable finds:
    Nightmare hellforge Ko
    Nightmare Mal in WSK
    Nightmare Poision and bone skiller GC in Flayer jungle
    Eth Flying axe with 290% ED (no self reapair though)
    Eth 4 socketed Sacred Targe with 27% res all
    Hell hellforge Um

    Thank you for reading!

    In the attched files, there is a pic from the HC trapsin, sorry about that

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