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Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Ugla, May 17, 2008.

  1. Ugla

    Ugla IncGamers Member

    Nov 29, 2004
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    Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    (early this year)
    "What about going on, an act or two?"
    "I don't know, I'd better watch some movie.."

    (~two months ago)
    "I thought we could move on with our characters.."
    "Not sure about gear, I'd better start new ones."
    "Well, ok."

    (~month ago)
    "I have just realized, we still have those two loosers sitting in act one Hell, what about finishing them?"
    "Well, we could push forward, but I'm tired today, so I may take some sleep instead.."
    "Ok, what about tomorrow?"
    "We have some volleyball, and then we'll go to a pub."
    *Sigh* :rolleyes:

    (~week ago)
    "Which characters?"
    "Cmon, it's just a short one.."
    "The NBA is starting in an hour, I have to prepare some food, and besides, I need to reequip.."

    (Thursday evening)
    "There's one last act remaining." "?"
    "Well, ok. We could just get over it.."
    *Cheers* "Great, I've already got Frigid Highlands WP, needed a hole."
    (Tauron dies)
    "Playing this character excludes with eating.."
    "Where are you going? Do we have Glacial Trial WP?"
    "We've got the WP already."
    "I have full stash, need to restart.."
    "Wait, there are no Souls in the Frozen River, let's Rescue Anya first"
    "OK. That's it. Do we have Glacial Trial WP?
    "Yeah, let's kill Nilly."
    "I need that restart."
    "Do we have Glacial Trial WP?"
    (Tauron dies again)
    "Could I have a supper here!?" :angry:
    (Kyra dies)
    "..just when I decided to stop drinking potions"
    (Tauron opens the TP and takes a few more CEs, nearly dying again)
    "Damn Nature's.."
    "Maybe the bear got a few kills.."
    "Or the merc.."
    "That's more like it."
    (The Ancients, the first attempt)
    (Tauron dies)
    "Something's wrong.."
    (Kyra opens a TP)
    "Here you go.."
    (the barbs die on the second try)
    "Have you seen my Lacerator lately?"
    "Damn, it must still be lying in the Halls of Vaught. I wondered why I died so fast.."
    (a few minutes later Baal dies)
    "Ok, see you!"
    (slaughtered the cows, putting the two remaining points into Feral Rage, and swore never to touch this one again)

    Patriarch Tauron
    lvl83 Summon Druid

    str 175/225
    dext 80/120
    vita 200/225
    erg 20/55
    left 30

    20 Spirit&Dire Wolves, Grizzly, HoW
    3 Feral Rage
    1 Fury, Shockwave, Carrion Vine, and all prerequisites

    The next points won't go anywhere, because there won't be any. This character is condemned to instant deletion, as soon as I find sufficient amount (read three) white circlets/tiaras to burn my imbue rewards on.

    fire 50
    cold 38
    light 64
    poison 42

    Life 811/1490/1610 man/wolf/bear

    Fury 1504-2273, 3478 AR (without Enchant)
    Feral Rage 1189-1802, 3580 AR (without Enchant)

    Jalal's Mane
    Raven Frost/Dwarf Star
    'Lionheart' Mage Plate
    String of Ears
    Gore Rider
    main: Windhammer
    switch: Lacerator/Blackoak Shield (for +dext)

    1 Shape-Shifting skiller, various damage or resists charms

    Merc: act2 might
    Stealskull (PTopaz)
    eth Duriel's
    Reaper's (Shael)

    finds: Griswold's Valor (20% MF)
    HF: nothing to remember

    As may be apparent from the above, the most funny part about these characters was to convince Hrus to play them. I decided to try a summon druid hoping for a more interesting experience than a summon necro. Pitty the summons basically do nothing even when all three skills are maxed. A much better part was the druid himself, despite the minimal investment in the Shape-Shifthing tree. Both Maul and Fury work with mere one point once you equip a decent weapon, with Feral Rage or Shockwave used as survival tools. The AR was sufficient due to Enchant, once Hrus joined with an enchantress, and eventually made 'Beast' to provide some competition in Shape-Shifting.

    I used Athena's for the +skills during NM. Once we entered Hell, I gave up on using spears (which was the theme idea) and deciced to take Lacerator on switch to help deal with PIs. Since my dexterity was way too low, I eventually opted for Blackoak Shield for its per-level dext bonus. Once Athena's started to lack behind, I put all remaining points into strength and equipped Windhammer, giving up on +skills. Very nice weapon indeed. I'd gladly exchange all the points from Grizzly and Spirit Wolves for Twister's synergies, which could make for a decent build.

    We had some issues with Hell Chaos Sanctuary - Kyra lacked sufficient life to run past Doom Knights to take out OKs, while Tauron stunned them with Shockwave. In the end, I used wolves for more distraction and joined the fray. Enchant proved more than enough against PIs, thus I slowly quit switching - we had a Reaper's merc from lvl75 onward anyway.

    The most annoying part about low-level wolf was when it wore off during the battle (you're dead before you know it, and recasting is annoying because of its delay). There also appears to be some bug involved concerning poison damage and lycanthrops. We both took some unbelievable amounts of damage from other sources while poisoned :undecided: Otherwise, the char is relatively safe if you keep Feral Rage active and drink some potions in dire moments. The Spirit Wolves were a total disappointment - I hardly ever witnessed their teleporting ability, and they were horribly dying even with maxed DW. Similarly, Grizzly is a tank and nothing more, definitely not worth the extra points.
    Last edited: May 17, 2008
  2. NagisaFurukawa

    NagisaFurukawa IncGamers Member

    Feb 26, 2008
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    Congrats! Funky builds are always fun. No deleting!

    What a lovely dialogue. =). Stuff like that makes MP great.

    That Twister idea... is... inspiring...
  3. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    Kyra, lvl 80 Bearsorc.

    Stats with Phase Blade and Enchant on in bearform:
    Attack damage 4124-5103
    Attack rating 3221
    Defense 1618
    Life 1252
    Mana 408

    Resistances: 58,35,43,75

    STR - enough for Berserker Axe
    DEX - enough for Phase Blade
    VIT - rest
    ENE - none
    28 points remaining

    20 Enchant
    20 Warmth
    20 Fire Mastery
    1 Static Field
    11 Energy Shield
    13 Telekinesis

    head: Rockstopper (????) -FHR+resists
    amu: rare +2sorc skills +18res all +18FR
    torso: Skin of Vipermagi 35 res all socketed with +15 res all jewel - skill, resists, MDR
    gloves: Frostburn - mana
    Boots: Sandstorm trek - stats. FHR, PR
    Ring1: Ravenforst - AR, DEX, CBF
    Ring2: Carrion Wind - PR, LS, Damage to mana
    weapon slot1: BEAST -Bear FTW
    shield slot1: Gerke's Sanctuary -DR,MDR
    weapon slot2: 6shael Phase Blade - 4frame attack FTW
    shield slot2: Blackoak Shield - low bocking, FBR, DEX for PB

    Charms 6 Fire skillers, life/mana charms, LR charms

    Mercenary: Duriel's Shell, Vampire Gaze, eth Bonehew, Holy Freeze

    Well, Energy Shield sucks or I can't use it right.
    I thought that with ES - resistances are not used, so I don't need them - in fact, I was dying everywhere and often. With ES on, I took more damage than without it - at least in hell, where most of the attacks have elemental component. That's the main reason I didn't like this character and Ugla has hard time to convince me to play her. So I reequip her CB, +FHR +mana oriented gear with more balanced gear with resistances (especially PR) and it got better in the end. But still, I have played Fireclaw bear and he got better support skills (Shockwave, Cyclone Armor, Summons) and got way more life and better damage.

    I am starting to believe that I made a mistake making Beast instead CoH. :(, OK I have to think about the gear for 2frame sin now...

    Anyways if someone can spare two Jahs, I could considerate transorming this character into RWM and use dual Dream setup. :evil:
  4. TedDeeBoy

    TedDeeBoy IncGamers Member

    Feb 24, 2006
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    Nice work with the Mat/Pat combo. From the problems I read with PvM builds with ManaBrun packs I am reckon ES may only be useful in the specialised PvP builds. Going to the pub oftens is a better than DII, thats what I did last Monday night
  5. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    Well, if it was only manaburn, I could really live with it. But almost every bosspack in hell is LE/FE/CE - this elemental damage makes your ES useless (you are better without it if you have some resists)

  6. scottee

    scottee IncGamers Member

    Feb 7, 2008
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    Really, the thing is to get ES up to a very high level. My ES sorc has ~**% damage absorbed, and I still feel that's a little low. Once you can get up near lvl 40 ES, then all you need is a little bit of PDR and MDR and you're pretty safe- as long as you have enough mana to tank the hits. My ES sorc only EVER dies to mana-burners, and she runs with only like 1800 mana or so (a bit above 2k when she's going somewhere where they hit hard). Topping that off with an Insight merc means things are really pretty easy- can take a lot of hits and spam a lot of lightning spells without worrying about mana.

  7. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    scottee - is your sorceress melee/caster?
  8. scottee

    scottee IncGamers Member

    Feb 7, 2008
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    Re: Matriarch Kyra and Patriarch Tauron

    She's caster, but I've sat in the middle of a non-mana burning /p8 mob in Hell LK while I sorted through the drops from a superchest, and been just fine. Now like I said, she doesn't have ES where it needs to be, and the rest of her gear isn't what it should be for tanking like that, so her life bulb did move- but her ~600 life bulb was more than half-full when I got out of there.


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