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Matriarch Kanat the hybridzon

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by ricrestoni, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. ricrestoni

    ricrestoni IncGamers Member

    Jul 29, 2003
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    Matriarch Kanat the hybridzon

    Tonight i finally killed hell Baal with her. I made her so that i could have a solid Pindle/Cow runner, but she happened to be lots of fun!

    Amazon Level 82

    Upg Ghost Shroud (love that armor!)
    Upg Titans/Stormshield (PDiamond)
    Upg Lycanders Aim (Shael)
    Crafted Vampiresomething gloves - +2 Jav skills, 9% CB, 3/2 dual leech
    Razortail (TGods vs gloams)

    A few skillers, many resist charms, as usual.

    Act 2 Might Merc
    the default Gaze + Shaftstop
    Hone Sundan (Shael Amn Amn)


    Bow (+12 in bow mode)
    Strafe 20
    prereqs 1

    Passive (+12 always)
    Valk 10
    Penetrate 20
    rest 1

    Javeli (+15 in javelin mode)
    Jab 1
    Lightning Fury 20 (+3 when TGods was on)
    prereqs 1

    Stats with equipment (parenthesis when Tgods replaced Razortail):

    Bow mode:
    Stats 138/195/230/42 (158/180/250/22)
    Resists 61/51/51/62
    Life/Mana 1145(1205)/428
    Strafe damage 219-912, 310-1264 when Might kicked on, 110% pierce (218-886, 77% pierce)

    Jav mode:
    Stats 188/195/230/22 (208/180/250/22)
    Resists 75/75/75/75 (75/75/85/75)
    Life/Mana 1145(1205)/398
    Block 75% (72%)
    LFury damage:
    401-825, 619-1264 when might kicked on, 110% pierce, with up to 36 bolts causing 1-1323 lightning damage
    (412-860, 77% pierce, with up to 39 bolts causing 1-1474 lightning damage)

    Main tactics:

    Against large mobs: Lightning fury at those LIs, for the physical damage, letting the bolts take care of everything else. Strafe to finish LI.

    Against single tough LI: Strafe and counting on merc and valk to tank

    Against single tough PI: Major pain! If there is a wall, I made the piercing javelin hit it for an extra bolt of damage. The mana would go away easiy and there was no way to leect it, so there went many potions.

    Against PILI or major resists in those: very troublesome, I even had to use cold arrow sometimes.

    Against those gloams in act 4: I died, and i died, and I ran like never before, those freaking LI made me use strafe, so the resists dropped to 50s, making me a potential fried dinner. I was really lazy and did not put on more lightning resist charms in the inventory. And I payed dearly for it.

    Against the ancients: lucky break, 1st attempt, no FE, so I went for it, even though a fanatic aura swirled under the 3. Only 1 Lightning immune, so he got many many javelins in his head (I think it was Madawc), started with 12 full rejuvs and 4 super mana, ended with 1 full rejuv, half life and mana, but all survived well.

    WSK: The map is the best for Baal runs, really short strides to stairways. As soon as I get to level 3 - edit, level 4, the throne, duh me! - , many fire-breathing demons feel the taste of 1337 5h0kk1ngne55. then I was going careful, waiting for burning souls, oblivion knights and what nots, and went forth up to Baals inner circle with no enemies spawning! How easy! By Baal there were some more demons, and a few horadric mummies.

    Minions: They didnt stand a chance, LF was no match for any of them.

    Baal: Took really a lot of time, potions, one merc, 2 or 3 valks, many decoys, but actualy those tentacles helped LF to spread damage all around, and he was down, dropping me a Lime Spired Helm - hooray...

    Pindle, let me see those uber items, and cows, you shall see my ultimate firepower, for i want runes, so expect no MF whatever!

    A last note: gosh, she took me a lot of middle runes upgrading stuff, But a Lo in the Maggot Lair and a Gul at Hellforge made up for it, So no feelings of loss, really.

    And oh, when, oh when will Ber and Vex show up!

    Cheers all, a round of :drink: is on me at EMB. Durf the Smurf's CC treat (oh, I laughed a lot reading that thread!)
  2. Arith-Matic

    Arith-Matic Banned

    Jul 17, 2003
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    congrats on the hybridizon...i'm startin my own (lvl 28 now)...

    by the way, what are the stats on the upgraded lycanders?
  3. Dacar92

    Dacar92 Community, Amazon, DH Moderator & Inc Clan Officer

    Nov 2, 2003
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    Congrats on the Mat! I'll see you at the EMB! :drink:
  4. ricrestoni

    ricrestoni IncGamers Member

    Jul 29, 2003
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    Lycander's Aim
    Grand Matron Bow
    Two-Hand Damage: 64 to 251
    (Amazon Only)
    Required Dexterity: 152
    Required Strength: 108
    Required Level: 65
    Bow Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
    Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
    Item Level: 87
    Fingerprint: 0xe23f08ca
    +20 to Energy
    +20 to Dexterity
    +20% Enhanced Defense
    +180% Enhanced Damage
    +25 to Minimum Damage
    +50 to Maximum Damage
    8% Mana stolen per hit
    +2 to Amazon Skill Levels
    40% Increased Attack Speed
    +2 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
    Socketed (1: 1 used)
  5. TalkingDonkey

    TalkingDonkey IncGamers Member

    Jun 21, 2003
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    Good job on the matriarch. :)

    Long live the Hybridzon!
  6. factotum

    factotum IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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