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Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3) if

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by NagisaFurukawa, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. NagisaFurukawa

    NagisaFurukawa IncGamers Member

    Feb 26, 2008
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    Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3)

    Introducing Matriarch Katsura Hinagiku (? ????). Hina would be your average 16 year old know-all, do-all. Having faced an enormous amount of adversity in her past, she bears maturity well beyond her years. As president of not only her school's student council but also its kendo club, Hinagiku is the envy of many a person (quite unlike her alcoholic oneechan... last seen in Lut Gholein...).

    Strength: Strong parries. Quick movements.
    Weakness: Fiery attitude. Stubborn to a fault.

    F1 = Normal Attack: Whack~.
    F2 = Teleport: Whoosh~.
    F3 = Tome of Town Portal.
    V = Battle Command: La Senorita Presidente.
    C = Battle Orders: Mademoiselle la Presidente.
    F = Enchant: En Fuego.
    D = Energy Shield.

    Blargh. I wanted to make something original, but that just didn't seem possible with the popularity of sorceresses... Anyway, it seems Nightfish already made something quite similar. There are some pretty glaring differences though. x).


    Name: Hinagiku.
    Level: 86 (1150473689 EXP).

    Strength: 110 (117). <- Blah! Couldn't be helped.
    Dexterity: 25 (52).
    Vitality: 10 (12).
    Energy: 375 (377). <- Future points go here.

    Total Damage: 2503-3294 @ 11 frames.
    Physical Damage: 696-1052.

    Attack Rating: 7883 (67% Chance to Hit Baal).
    Defense: 3778 (77% Chance of Being Hit by Baal).

    Life: 649 (984 with BO). <- For an Energy sorc, this is stupidly high.
    Mana: 1928 (2706 with BO).
    Resists: -70/-70/-70/-70. <- Intentional. Shouldn't have saved Anya...

    ES: 80% (0.75 Mana per Unit Damage).
    DR: 34 PDR, 10% DR, 20 MDR.

    FHR: 90% (7 frames).
    FCR: 0% (13 frames).


    Energy Shield: 20 (25).
    Enchant: 20 (26).
    Warmth: 20 (26).
    Fire Mastery: 11 (17). <- Future points go here.
    Battle Orders: 6 (11).
    Battle Command: 4 (9).
    Teleport: 1 (4).

    Telekinesis: 20.
    Prerequisites: 1.

    Weapon 1: Hinagiku's Ribcracker (Stalagmite, 15 IAS Jewel).
    Weapon 2: Ethereal Call to Arms Crystal Sword.
    Shield 2: Splendor Bone Shield.
    Helm: Harlequin Crest (Sol Rune).
    Armor: The Gladiator's Bane (Sol Rune).
    Gloves: Frostburn.
    Belt: Trang-Oul's Girth.
    Boots: Silkweave.
    Amulet: Angelic Wings.
    Ring 1: Angelic Halo.
    Ring 2: Angelic Halo.
    Charms: 5 Strength, 5 Maximum Damage, 1-6 Lightning Damage, 100 Poison Damage, 11 Attack Rating, 157 Life, 268 Mana, 10% FHR, 1 Fire Skill.


    Name: Jemali.
    Level: 81 (71998608 EXP).
    Class: Desert Mercenary - Combat (Normal, Prayer).

    Weapon: Ethereal Insight Thresher.
    Helm: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest.
    Armor: Duriel's Shell.


    Let's get this out of the way first. Total Deaths: At least 50 (mostly in Normal). Total NDEs: Lots. I was keeping a tally in a Microsoft Word document. Bad idea. Hit around 40 by the time I made it out of Act 1. Gave up shortly thereafter.

    1) Having zero ES with zero Vitality is a pain. Cain can go save himself. 40 life equates to instant deathly goodness against stuff like Treehead Woodfist on /players 8. Duriel? Holy Freeze vs Hina. Guess who wins. Did I mention the lack of stamina (both in game and in real life)? In other words, there was no going over /players 1. Too bad that didn't really stop the dying. Scarabs? Sayonara. Gloams? Au revoir. All in all, a very traumatizing experience. Would I do it again? Heck yea! At least it wasn't HC, right? ...... :banghead: Always wanted to use that smiley. x).

    2) Mana Burn hurts, but poison hurts more. I'm no fan of carrying Antidotes, and the double Prayer aura from the merc was hardly enough with -70% resist. Poison basically meant an instant town portal and heal.

    3) Having no leech was bearable. ES and PDR make hits on the life bulb quite negligible. Prayer and a bit of Replenish Life gave more than enough HP. As far as mana is concerned, Insight and Warmth really got the job done. Besides, leeching with 800 average physical damage every 11 frames or so doesn't exactly amount to very much anyway.

    4) Hell (except for WSK/Baal) was probably the easiest difficulty. This kid is one heck of a tank. It's just a matter of steering clear of poison clouds and mana burners. Easier said than done, but definitely fewer NDEs than with most characters.

    5) Using Frostburn instead of LoH/Drac's/Drainers was quite worth it. The mana was an obvious plus, but the cold damage made some targets quite a bit easier to bring down. That 5% off-weapon ED didn't hurt either. x).

    7) I took some time to read up on previously Matriarch'd Enchantresses, and quite a few of them had separate gear for prebuffing Enchant. Whether it be laziness or... well... laziness, I decided that it wouldn't be worth the extra work to net a couple thousand extra damage (though in retrospect... this sure seems silly).


    Future Plans
    1) Optimal melee Baal runner thread, here I come! No. I did two Baal runs to test her run slow (I would say speed, but...). The first run took a little over half an hour. The second took 25 minutes. Decrepify? Ouch. FI Stone Skin Lister? Fun. Mana Burn Multiple Shot Achmel? *cries*.

    2) HnG 3/3: Undecided. I have a Harmony Valkazon parked in Act 3 Nightmare. Very painful to play. Might just scrap that entirely and go for something else. One more odd build, and I'll be satisfied. But what to make?!? A PS assassin would fit a character, but that's still relatively cookie-cutter.

    Special Thanks
    ~ jjscud's MFO for most of the items.
    ~ BobtheWarrior and scarred_life for some of the charms.
    ~ Myself for killing my screenshot folder.
    ~ Anyone who still reads these.

    Time to take a little nap.
  2. Grisu

    Grisu IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2007
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    Re: Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3)

    Nice build and great write-up!:thumbsup:

    So what about your Baal running? You truly want to cruise with her multiple times through the WSK????:shocked:

    And now go and do that in HC :tongue:

  3. bassen

    bassen IncGamers Member

    Dec 26, 2007
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    Re: Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3)

    another amazing character and write-up =)
    I'm very impressed how fast you play throigh the game, feels like it was yesterday since you posted the necro.

    bad luck? YES!

    Keep up the good work ^^ and I hope to see another pat/mat soon ^^
  4. pharaoh

    pharaoh IncGamers Member

    Mar 11, 2004
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    Re: Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3)

    Congrats on the mat. Your Baal run speed probably wouldn't be much different than Kalita's; you remember how long it took us to kill Lister's pack on /p1.

    I've got a couple of questions, though. First, did the IAS jewel have a juicy second mod? If not, wouldn't a Shael rune have been a better choice? Second, why Trang's belt? I've always found String of Ears to be great for ES builds, with the MDR. Alternatively, Goldwrap or Nosferatu's Coil might have let you hit another breakpoint.

    With the 50 IAS on Ribcracker, this gets you the 48% breakpoint (12 FPA). Shael or 10% on your belt would reach the 70% breakpoint, and the next, at 105%, is probably too hard to reach without a lot of gear compromises. I'm thinking you might have overlooked that a stalagmite has a slower base speed than a quarterstaff; in other words, Ribcracker slows down a tad when you upgrade it.

    I've always held the opinion that a less-than-maximum ES could be entirely viable, if you had the support to back it up. In this case, it's the life regeneration from Prayer + Meditation; ES thus serves to reduce the damage to a level where regeneration is possible, rather than eliminating it entirely. The benefit, of course, is a lower demand on your mana pool, meaning a more robust shield. It's nice to see it worked for you.

    As for the early game deaths, if it were me, I'd have pumped energy (which you wold be doing anyways) to get more casts before your mana ran out. Coupled with twinkage of low-level +life gear (Bloodfist, Treads of Cthon, etc), you should be able to make it to clvl 24 without too much trouble. At clvl 27, you can potentially have a merc using Insight, and this makes all the difference. It's definitely not the kind of build you'd want to play in hardcore though, unless you're nuts. :)

    Oh, as I mentioned in our MP session, poison length reduction is still a good mod. Even if your poison res is so crappy that your life ball bottoms out in a matter of seconds, if the poison wears out quickly, you can start healing that much sooner. I don't like returning to town unless necessary, which is why I'm a fan of builds that can recharge/heal themselves on the go.
  5. omgwtfbbqpwned

    omgwtfbbqpwned IncGamers Member

    Jun 9, 2005
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    Re: Matriarch Hinagiku, ES Ribcracker Enchantress (HnG 2/3)

    Congrats on the Mat!

    Was it 50 deaths with MP or 50 deaths without MP? :grin:

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