Matriarch Guile


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Matriarch Guile

Matriarch Guile


Str 50/57
Dex 50/64
Vit 395/402 ---> 1623 life
Ene 25/32 ---> 435 mana

Resistances: 75/75/71/73

Block: 49% (Weapon Block)


20 Fireblast ---> 3.9k-4.6k
20 Lightning Sentry ---> 1-7k
20 Death Sentry
20 CB Sentry
10 Shockweb
1 BoS
1 Mindblast
1 Weapon Block


Harlequin Crest
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Skin of the Vipermagi
Arachnid Mesh
SoJ x 2
Cunning Scissors/Blade Talons x2 (+3 to Trap Skills)


Spirit Stalker
Light Plated Boots
Defense: 10
Durability: 18 of 18
Kick Damage: 8 to 16
Required Strength: 50
Required Level: 29
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xa0bca8c1
Fire Resist +30%
Lightning Resist +20%
Cold Resist +13%
11% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
30% Faster Run/Walk
Half Freeze Duration


4 Cunning Grand Charms (+1 to Trap skills, one of Vita (+37 life))
rest filled with +all res grand and small charms (some of Vita)


Reaper's Toll

Oh well, I just wanted to get this character through in the end. I kinda lost the interest in her, although I first planned to push her towards 10k max LS damage with a few more skillers and +3 traps/+3 LS claws.... But in the end it was worth it because I found this on my way through hell and HF only gave a Ko... :roll:



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Congrats on the Matriarch. At least you have the patience to go through to the end. I start a new character every couple of days, an they only get to act 4 or so, before they are forgotten... :-( I am determined, however, to take my witch wild wolf through to the end... we might just be seeing a 'patriarch GoreJaws" soon.


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Congrats, nice gear. 10K traps would be nice, my untwinked Trapper in Act4 Hell is only doing about 2.2k :shocked:


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Know what you mean Milb, it took me a second before I remembered that my own trapper with all synergues nearly maxed only does just over 3k damage. Very few skillers though, so I know where I need to focus on.

Congrats Reborn! You've given me an example to follow with my current character.


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Thanks! :smiley:

With 4 more skillers and two +3 traps/+3 LS claws instead of my plain +3 traps claws my LS damage would be 1-10122. That would be achievable, but those claws are incredibly rare... I tried to search for them but gave up with my plain trap claws because it took so long.

With a CtA, an armor with +2 to all skills, a +3 traps amulet and an inventory FULL of skillers (no space anymore) the LS damage would be 1-11046. Only 500 average damage more and not worth the trouble imho.

I did use Fireblast very often btw. I think it is quite overpowered. Mine does an average damage of 4250 and only costs 7,7 mana. A sorceresses Fireball costs more Mana I think... With those setups I just posted it is possible to get to ~6k damage with a negligible increase of the mana cost...