Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon


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Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

It has been a while since the last one, but here it is. After matting a bowie with multi and FA as backup, I wanted to try the full power of FA. Combine that with the fact I wanted a zon using Mav's and the choice is clear. A Mavinazon using FA and strafe as backup.

Lvl 81 when finishing the game.

Stats (/w gear):

str - 92 (123)
dex - 230 (291)
vit - 158 (158)
ene - 15 (15)

She has just over 700 life and 240 mana.
Resists are 39/39/75/75.
FA damage 2550 - 2787 (+ 602-1786 regular damage)
FA attack rating 13.248
Strafe damage 499 - 1587
Strafe attack rating 7.490

All this with a 75% chance to pierce.

Full M'avina's (duh; no sockets yet)
Rare ring (stats below)
Rare amu (stats below)
4 bow skillers (2 plain, 1-33 light dam, 20 life)
lots of sc's with cold damage to increase freeze duration

Bitter Band
Required Level: 65
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0x2da6e4b9
+4 to Mana
Fire Resist +9%
Lightning Resist +18%
Cold Resist +9%
Poison Resist +9%
7% Life stolen per hit
2% Mana stolen per hit

Wraith Eye
Required Level: 67
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 97
Fingerprint: 0xf8405bd8
+2 to Life
Damage Reduced by 3
Lightning Resist +38%
Poison Resist +37%
+2 to Amazon Skill Levels
12% Chance to cast Level 4 Charged Bolt when struck

FA and synergy - maxed
Strafe - max
Pierce - 4 points (with +skills 75% pierce)
Penetrate - 16 (next to max)
Valk - 1 (9 with + skills)

She's accompagnied by a might merc wearing Duriel's shell, Tal mask and insight cryptic axe (non-eth unfortunately)


Twinking early on. She started to get really powerfull once I got FA. From the end of normal until act 4 of NM most things were killed with one or two shots (at p8). The monsters were toast so to speak (well frozen toast anyway). After that it slowed down a bit (but not much) until the end of NM when just before Baal i could equip the full set. This gave me another great power boost. After that went to hell. Still very powerful. Only problem is there are more cold immunes. So I was required to switch to strafe more often. Luckily strafe was better at killing the CI's then I thought it would.
Didn't have any real trouble in hell at all. The ancients even went down without me using a single potion for either myself or my merc. There was a lot of running involved because Korlic wasn't interested in my merc or my valk. He just kept coming for me. Those two kept the whirler busy (I parked the thrower somewhere) while i kept running and firing guided arrows at Korlic (he was CI). After he died I pumped whirly full of ice. Shortly after the same happened to the last ancient.
All in all it was one of the easiest times I had. Did have 3 deaths, all my fault and mostly because I was trying to mat her asap. First was in NM in the kurast sewers. Encountered some dolls so i retreated behind my merc. But while passing him he just killed one and the deathexplosion took me out. The second was in the ancients way. I went around a corner and a bosspack of razorspines was waiting for me. Because of all the dodging my char did I couldn't move or use a potion till i died. Then died once more trying to get my body back. After losing my merc a few times and numerous valks i picked up my bodies and continued.
Forges were disastrous (is that a word?) shael in NM which was made up for by a monster near the forge who dropped an um. But then in hell it went wrong again, an io was all i got there.

- She's very powerfull. Even in hell in the WSK I could kill some monsters with one or two FA's (like skelly mages and flayers)
- With just the set you're resists are positive even in hell
- You just look great with the set
- Frozen monsters can't hurt you

- No aura for decoy. I mean WTF. I have a shiny valk, but the decoy who should look exactly like me doesn't.
- Even with insight merc and some manaleech and mana per kill you still need to use pots sometimes.

Retirement plan: Socket the set and then run AT's


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Re: Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

Congrats on the mat! I've always wanted to make a FA zon, but I was always scared of having to drink mana pots like crazy.

As far as playstyle is it basically FA until frozen and then Strafe? Or did you mainly just use FA and only use Strafe for the cold immunes?

Eric Xanthu

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Re: Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

I matted this exact build last year. It's a lot of fun, but it doesn't quite fit my style. The great thing about FA + charms is that once you hit something, it's done. D-U-N. You can stop pretty incredible swarms of trouble with this thing (as long as they aren't cold immune!).


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Re: Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

Hey, I may be going crazy but I only see 1 ring. Do you have the readouts for your other ring?


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Re: Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

@ahcw: Strafe was only used on cold immunes. Other than that it was FA all the way. About drinking pots: I still have to, but not like crazy as you phrased it.

@NeoKnuckles: Maybe you are going crazy:laugh:. As Eric Xanthu pointed out the other ring is a ravenfrost. As it isn't a particular good one I didn't feel the need to post it's stats. I'm pretty sure you've seen one before.


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Re: Matriarch Frostbite, FA/strafe M'avinazon

Well the occasional mana pot isn't a big deal, especially since you can buy mana pots now. I just hate having to rely on pots whenever I'm trying to kill stuff. Kind of like a low lvl sorc. Yeah it's doable, but it sucks!

Now I guess I'll have to give it a whirl with an Insight merc and see how I do :)