Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress


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Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress

Matriarch callmebob. I couldn't think of a name and needed to make a character real fast for a MP session. So I went with this intending to change it and never got around to it. She'll be keeping this name now.

Callmebob is my new CL/FO sorceress built to run the countess for runes. For some reason I just can’t get excited about trading in the SPTF, so I’m still NTPP, but want some mid-level runewords to help out my questing characters. So, I decided I needed a countess runner.

20 Frozen Orb (31)
8 Cold Mastery (19)
20 Chain Lit (31)
20 Lit Mastery (31)
15 Lightning (26)
15 Charged Bolt (26)

(With Gear)
Str: 162 (for spirit)
Dex: 80 (for wizardspike)
Energy: base
Vit: Everything else (around 280 now?)
Life is in the 800’s I believe, Mana in the 600’s probably.

Harlequin Crest
Spirit (35fcr)
Arachnids Mesh
Rare ring with FCR and some resistances
War Travellers
Switch: Wizardspike and another Spirit (not 35fcr)

Mercenary: Holy Freeze
Insight Thresher
Ethereal Vampire Gaze
Duriels Shell

*I’m going from memory, not at my gaming PC at the moment

Callmebob started out as a participant in the ‘beer’
MP sessions, a group of untwinked sc RWM/RRM players ‘generally play as if they have a beer in one hand and the mouse in the other’. Since I was playing with a group I focused on skills instead of melee, putting 10 points in Charged Bolt for the first 2 acts knowing it would be a synergy for Chain later on. I would not have done so if I were building a twinked build. Until the end of Act 3 normal, she was untwinked. She collected all the pieces of Khalim, but hadn’t yet entered the Durance when I decided she needed to get a move on and get to hell ASAP.

So, a twinking I will go, a twinking I will go….!

I used the basic low-mid level sorceress gear, Lidless wall, Vipermagi, Peasant Crown, Suicide branch, magic/rare ammy, manald heal and SOJ, magefists, goldwrap, and rare boots through normal as my level/stats allowed. I ran eldritch until level 42 in normal until I could equip the Occulus, then did all of nightmare in about ½ hour to 45 minutes as I just teleported past everything that didn’t need to die. NM Diablo proved to be a bit of a challenge at level 42. He PLBoD’d my merc, I resurrected him, he did it again, repeat once more. By that time I had him static’d down to 25%, and was able to FO/tele around to dodge his attacks and land a few shots until he died. I think I died a few times, but had safety TP’s around and could teleport out of his cages.

Leveled at NM eldritch until level 62 I think, then equipped Spirit, Harlequin Crest, and War Travelers. Ran NM Baal until level 76, equipping my 28 Maras at level 67.

Finally at level 76 I started hell. With the aid of a few charms, my resists were 70/75/75/75. My mercenary is wearing Duriels, Eth Vampire Gaze, and has an Insight Thresher. With all my +skills and one point in warmth, I can easily teleport forever without drinking a pot, and can cast chain lightning for about 20 seconds before potting. Unless I get hit with mana burn, I generally don’t need to pot.

I was worried about attacking the Countess at level 76, but at players1 and with my + skills I found I was having very little to no trouble locking most monsters into hit recovery or my merc surviving until everything was dead except the countess. I leveled to 78 running her on Players 1 (2x Fal and 3x Dol so far).

At this point I decided to finish up Hell, save Anya one more time to max out my resistances, and get another 10 levels or so in skills/attributes and on the mercenary to ensure survivability and up the killing speed.

With the help of several MP’ers we walked through most of Act I and II, achieving level 80 and equipping Arachnids Mesh, my final gear change. Then in another session I skipped the jungles of Act III (I hate that place), walked most of Act IV, then skipped most of Act V to finish as a Matriarch at level 82. I baaled a bit last night to level 85.

I will probably baal with her a bit more, her teleporting is quite safe. This is the first time I’ve ever used the Occulus, having always favored Wizardspike, but I think I like it. Only once or twice out of the 100’s of times the ctc teleport activated have I ended up in a worse spot than I was when I was hit, and being Softcore that isn’t such a big deal. It’s never directly caused my death (yet). I have a Wizardspike on switch if the Occulus becomes a problem, but I can’t give up the +3 skills that easily.

Once I find a good fast Countess map, she’ll probably stick with it for the rest of her career. I may investigate a few gear switches, as I have almost maxed Charged Bolt, and may try a 200fcr setup to see what all the fuss is about, as I’m using the lit tree more than Frozen Orb at the moment.

This makes my 3rd Mat, zero Pat’s so far, but I do have two men working on Nightmare at the moment.

NM Hellforge was dismal. Shael I think, don’t quite remember. I haven’t done the Hell hellforge yet, will get to that this evening and report it in the IFT if it’s worth reporting.

Gheeds fortune (150/35/11) I think. Dropped by the Hell Council.
Mentalist's Grand Charm of Balance. Dropped somewhere in HellAct IV.

To all of the Beer group, you know who you are.
To TopHatCat 64 for helping me through Acts III through V in Hell, rescuing Anya, defeating the ancients (one was Lit and Cold immune, I stood around doing nothing watching him smite away) and witnessing my Matriarch-dom.
To mmmBob, Nagi, and whoever else was with me for Hell Acts I and II (sorry, I'm terrible with names).
To You, for reading this.
To the SPF.


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Re: Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress


I had never actually seen a CL sorc in action until I mp'd with yours. Quite powerful!

Low Key

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Re: Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress

One of my favourite builds. Lacks the huge power of any Blizzard sorc, but is quite versatile and a great Countess runner. Grats!


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Re: Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress

Grats on the Mat!!

My first ever char in D2 was a sorc who ended up using chain lightning as a primary skill. I'm planning to remake her one of these days...


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Re: Matriarch callmebob - CL/FO sorceress

Thanks all.

I played a CL/FO on bnet last year, so I've had a bit of experience. All the +skills doesn't hurt either. Of course, on bnet she was even more powerful and safe, having +3 and +1 from the Torch and Anni, respectively, and + ~20 - 25 resist all and some + attributes from both of those charms.