Matriarch Axazon – Melee Zon (1.13)


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Matriarch Axazon, BoTD-Zon

Level: 84

St – 156 (213)
Dx – 100 (156)
Vt – 239 (276)
En – 15 (52)

HP 1308
Mana 361


Fire: 85
Cold: 75
Ltning: 80
Poison: 75


Inner Sight: 20 (26)
Decoy: 20 (26)
Valkyrie: 20 (30 – after switch)
Penetrate: 20 (26)
Critical Strike: 10 (16)

Slow Missile, D/A/E, Pierce 1 (6)


Weapon 1:

1.07 eth BoTD Berserker Axe
“Phoenix” Monarch

Weapon 2:

“Spirit” Crystal Sword
“Spirit” Monarch

“Um” Harlequin Crest
“Chains of Honor” Archon Plate
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
String of Ears
Raven Frost & Rare with AR/Damage/Resists

Merc (Act 2 – Blessed Aim)

“Um” Eth Shaftstop
Eth Reaper’s Toll

Random musings:

I have never been a fan of the Amazon, and the Passives Amazon sets my teeth on edge, but I can at least say that the build was safe. I started putting point in multishot and that got me a long way into the game while I was pumping up the passives. I started putting points into D/A/E and I did not like the way the “yipping” broke the flow of the attacks, so I reset the points and shoved all of them into Passives and only putting the minimum in D/A/E. I don’t know whether it was the slow attack speed, the slow hit recovery or the D/A/E, or a combination of all three, but I spent a lot of twitching (no, not bird watching!); starting to swing the axe and changing my mind and stopping half way through. This made battling small, fast hitting monsters and massed range attackers a pain to deal with. The Firestorm was a mixed blessing, but it was a benefit. The Redemption aura kept me fully tanked, so there was little need for fat purples other than to feed my merc. All in all, I’m glad this build is ticked off!

Six down in my BoTD sept, only one to go:

  • Heeeere’s Johnny, Frenzy Barb
  • Rev_Quick, Avenger
  • Lizzie, Enchantress
  • DameDeMort, Blade Fury Assassin
  • Axazon, Melee-Passives Amazon
  • Unrak, Werebear (unfinished)
  • Hugh_Encry, Slow-mo-mancer


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Definitely, both blocking (incredibly slow in this case) and dodges do interrupt the attack. That combined with Firestorm delay must've been pain.

Also there is a bug (as per AB wiki), when Blessed Aim and Penetrate are both in place, only Blessed Aim bonus is applied. With maxed Inner Sight it was an overkill anyway, but it's good to know.


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I should have thought that blocking speed had something to do with it as well.

@Delsy overkill is my middle name!


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I'm curious how far you played with just multishot?
I started Axazon back in January 2016 (she was parked for a few years), so I'm not sure how long I used multishot. I used a combination of a 6 socket envy jewel box and a 1.09 Raven Claw and I know I made it through normal, but how much further I cannot really say. I know I changed up to something (a Harmony zon bow?) at some stage as well.