Matriarch Atanea, M'avina's Battle Hymn Magezon


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Matriarch Atanea, M'avina's Battle Hymn Magezon

Atanea - 3.9 - HELL - Matriarch.jpg

Matriarch achieved on: 2011-01-28

Atanea is part of my Set Septumvirate but she was completed so long ago that I don't remember too much, luckily I have some screenshots that fill in some of the blanks.

Atanea is the name of a famous Amazon and her name means 'of the opposition'. I thought this was quite fitting as she used opposite elements of Fire and Ice.

I don't remember much, but from what I can piece together, Hell Duriel was tough, he took 15 full rejuvs for me and my merc!

Atanea found a Verdungo's, +4/-4 Poison Facet, some Druid skillers, Captain's skiller, Sazabi's Ghost Liberator, a Pul rune, Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye & a Wizardspike.

Hell Forge
HF: Amn/Lem/Ist

Atanea - 3.5 - HELL - Hellforge.jpg

Pretty good hell forge drops - all useful.

Name:       Atanea
Class:      Amazon
Experience: 955033693
Level:      83

Strength:   92/104
Dexterity:  97/139
Vitality:   301/301
Energy:     15/15
HP:         1117/1137
Mana:       138/217
Stamina:    447/447
Defense:    24/1898
AR:         455/44217

(Resist figures below include +50 from Mav's set bonus)
Fire:       157/117/57
Cold:       184/144/84
Lightning:  199/159/99
Poison:     168/128/68

MF:         70        Block:      18
GF:         201       FR/W:       65
FHR:        30        IAS:        90
FCR:        0

20 Freezing Arrow
20 Cold Arrow
20 Immolation Arrow
20 Exploding Arrow
01 Magic Arrow
01 Ice Arrow
01 Multishot
01 Fire Arrow

Subtotal: 84


01 Valkyrie
01 Pierce
01 Penetrate
01 Dodge
01 Avoid
01 Evade
01 Inner Sight
01 Critical Strike 
01 Slow Missiles
01 Decoy

Subtotal: 10

Grand Total: 94

Level at which build complete: 94 – 11 = 83
Helm: Atanea's M'avina's True Sight (Perfect Topaz)
Armour: Atanea's M'avina's Embrace (Perfect Topaz)
Gloves: M'avina's Icy Clutch
Belt: M'avina's Tenet
Boots: Natalya's Soul

Amulet: The Eye of Etlich
Ring 1: Manald Heal
Ring 2: Raven Frost (20 Dex/152 AR)

Weapon 1: Atanea's M'avina's Caster (Shael)
Shield 1: Arrows

Weapon 2: Demon Limb (Hel)
Shield 2: Moser's Blessed Circle (Um/Um)

Charms: Gheed's Fortune, 1 x Fletcher's, miscellaneous resist charms

Fazel The Holy Freeze/Insight Mercenary
Helm: Vampire Gaze
Armour: Duriel's Shell
Weapon: Eth Insight Cryptic Axe (16 Meditation/6 Critical Strike)

Current Activity
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I went with FA/strafe for my Mavina zon. Kudos for using the fire arrow skills, which I've always been under the impression were pretty much toothless in late game.


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I remember building towards a M'avina zon at one point years ago while waiting for either the helm or bow (or both) to drop. I also went with FA/strafe IIRC. I had done a magezon before, and as @Noodle said, I was underwhelmed with the performance of Immolation Arrow. I imagine it's not as bad if you fully invest in the fire bow skills. It's not painfully slow, but it's no Meteor.

I'm getting close to having this full set again and will probably end up building a Frostmaiden around it.


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I think Immolation Arrow was fairly decent with Pierce and Decoy to hold them in place, but yes, they are slow and the major issue is that the timers are so annoying - they really hamper the Fire, Poison and Valkyrie skills of the Amazon (in a general sense).

These differences are further exposed when you have them paired with something that is fast and powerful.
  • Poison Javelin skills look bad compared to Lightning Fury
  • Fire Bow skills look bad next to Ice Bow skills
I already had a Strafer so I wanted to be a full on Magezon in this build (or I did at the time, this is from 2011, yes I know I am very rapid at writing Mat/Pat threads :rolleyes:)