Matriarch Aeryn... AGAIN


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Matriarch Aeryn... AGAIN

Aeryn has made it to Matriarch... AGAIN!!!

I figured I would break from Pindle to Mat her... She got CLvl 93 while she was at it...

So without further delay:

Character name  : Aeryn
Character type  : Sorceress
Character level : 93
Character exp   : 2113622280

Strength        : 95
Energy          : 35
Dexterity       : 210
Vitality        : 215
Stat Points Rem : 0
Skill Points Rem: 1

Life            : 730 / 510
Mana            : 352 / 42
Stamina         : 294 / 282

Gold (Inventory): 63950
Gold (Stash)    : 1992833
The set up is different as I put on all my MF equip for Pindle, so the stats are a little different...

She used Full Tal's Set with Upped Magefists, War Travs, Ravenfrost, and a Rare Resist Ring. Charms = FR/W, Resists (not shimmering though so that sucked), Life/Sus, and MF (when I found them)...

She's always been a blast... FO rules all FIs and Meteor/FB for CIs/Other... Took her all the way last time, and I took her all the way this time... A few deaths to Extra Fast/Extra Strong/Cursed Boss Packs, but that's to be expect when they throw up Amp Dmg and your Merc dies in like 3 seconds (if not less)...




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EnerSense said:
Congrats on the Mat! How long did it take to Mat her?
Way too long... Of course I put her on the shelf to work on other chars, but got back into her when the Pindlethon started up... The reason she is such a high level at Mat is because I did A LOT of MFing with her to build a bit of wealth before I shelved her. The first time she was Mat'd in the 80s IIRC...

Psywire said:
Well done! Meteorbs are the way to go.
TY :thumbsup: They sure are... They are just fun to play IMO...

Kefir-Tribe said:
gg. What's the shield?
Heh --> Rhyme Grim Shield...