Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin der=


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Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin

L 72 Assassin
S: 121
D: 129
V: 175
E: 25
Life: 760 including bonuses

Claw Mastery: 20
Shadow Master: 20
Venom: 20
Tiger Strike: 6

1 in all Shadow Tree skills, 2 in Claws of Thunder, 1 in all Martial Arts other than Blades of Ice and Phoenix Strike

LCS had the ‘toon doing 150-1650ish and 165-1900ish with the Might aura active

“Bone Claw” lesser Blood crafted Scissors Suwayyah
Dmg: 42-133
4% Life Steal
+57% ED
3-9 fire damage
+14 life
+41 max damage

Grandmaster’s Scissors Suwayyah of ease
Dmg: 71-156
+166% Dmg
+226 AR
+2 Lightning Sentry
+1 Dragon Flight
+2 Charged Bolt Sentry

Soul Flight rare Razor Bow
5% CtC Amp Dmg
+215 AR vs Undead
+283% ED vs. Undead

Pre-buff/corpse retrieval gear: 2x +3 Shadow Tree claws, +3 Shadow Tree/+19 life war hat, +3 Shadow Tree/+8 min damage amulet, Spirit Shroud

Guillame’s Face
Soc: +23 % ED, 9-16 fire dmg gem

Gemmed Gothic Plate of Stability
32% FR
20% LR
38% FHR

Carrion Winding rare Plated Belt
10% CtC Charged Bolt
17% FHR
22% FR
27% LR
100% ED

Grim Nails
Def 12
Durability 22/24
Str: 70
+2 Dex
40% FR
35% LR
10% PR
20% FR/W
Posion length reduced 25%

Hailstone Hold Greater Blood crafted gloves
Vampirebone Gloves
Def: 72
Durability: 11/14
Str: 50
Rlvl: 52
+1 Dex
+18 life
+10% Def
14% CR
6% life steal
20% IAS
14% crushing blow

Cubed Amulet
+24% FR
+19% LR
+14% CR
+44% Poison Resist
+2 Shadow Disciplines

Scintillating Ring of the Leech
+15% resist all
4% Life Steal

Shadow Master rare ring (Ormus reward: how could I not use it with a name like that?)
+1 min dmg
24% FR
14% LR
19% CR
+14% MF
10% FCR

4x +6 dmg SC
+4 dmg/+6% LR SC
5% resist all SC

+16 dmg/+44 AR LC
+12 dmg/20% FR LC

+20 dmg GC
+25 dmg/+52 AP GC
18% resist all GC

2 Mentalist GCs (+13 dmg, +6 life)

Merc: Rizan
Might merc
24% resist all/24 PDR circlet

Gemmed Embossed Plate
30% FR
30% LR
14 PDR
+6 STR

Gemmed Arcing Partizan of Winter
1-340 lightning
4-22 cold
469 poison over 4 seconds

HF: Fal/Dol
Found a Ko in Hell Frigid Highlands

Once again, please forgive the imprecision as my D2 machine has no way to contact the outside world.

Ah, the ecstasy and the agony of 1.07 melee characters. Twinked on Hsaru's + Berzerker sets at L3, Sigons at L6 (the shield came at L7), Skewer of Krinz @ L10. Gale Breaker rare cudgel @ L18 that needs to be written down, as it’s a beast w/poison and +ED, and one-hits most monsters through A3. I’ve amassed a fair collection of +4 STR GCs with secondary mods so I can get Hsaru’s + Berzerker’s on at L3, and this set-up could take me all the way though A1 with ease. But why wait when the full Sigon’s doubles your killing speed? Skewer’s ITD helps a lot for builds that don’t go with a lot of Dex (unlike this one). Claws came on around L 22 when I was able to equip some rares with good +skills and elemental damage.

My A1 rogue got gobbled up in A4 normal 22 deaths total with a handful of deaths to the ususal suspects in NM (FE Council, FE+ Cursed Ancients, cursed vs. Fenzytaurs, Baal + Clone + lag of a Pentium 500 trying to process 2 dancing Baals). Hell…well, it was Hell. I went in a little early (L60) and paid dearly as I hadn’t equipped my end-game weapons and didn’t find the Guillame’s until Canyon of the Magi (popped off a guard corpse). About 5 deaths in A1 and 2 to getting mobbed and not using Mind Blast enough. A3 was a cakewalk w/CoS and Mind Blast. A4 was tough and necessitated switching to the full +Shadow Tree set-up sans armor and amulet for spamming Mind Blast and letting Shadow Master tank with Rizan took a dirt nap. Diablo was easy and fast, as a combat shrine spawned right next to his platform. I hit L70 right before getting to the Arreat Summit.

The Ancients killed me 5 times due to horrible mods (ES + Cursed, CE + LE, etc.) and I let Storm_Shadow sit for a month while I tried out 1.11b. I put on Angelic Jewelry and Goblin Toe and then got a stupidly easy roll (no cursed, no ES, no PI) this weekend. WSK was easy and I just wanted to get it over with, so I leveled once more and went after the big jerk himself. Bartuc spawned Holf Freeze and killed us all, but when I went back, he was Conviction (!). LE + Conviction and all my resist gear on the floor meant running and spamming Shadow Master. I parked Lister as he was PI/ES and was interested in getting to Baal. He Manaflamed me once, so I switched to Angelic’s + Goblin Toe + Shadow Gear + Spirit Shroud on Switch and plinked away at him out of Manaflame distance with Fade on. The Hoarfrost barely affected me, and the 70+% CB made quick work of him while the Shadow Master distracted him. Of note: Shadow Master at L35 can take a hit off the Manaflame with 2300+ life and likely max resists w/Fade active.

Though I had originally planned on using Claws of Thunder (with +7 CoT between a pair of claws), Venom and CB were used to counter PI in hell, the bow was really just used to deal with monsters that were too dangerous to melee (Council, Baal). It’s hard to get enough AR to make a bow work in Hell w/o Angelic’s, but the +2 Shadow Tree amulet was too juicy to give up, so I CoS’d, Mind Blasted, and sliced, diced, and Juilianned my way through the minions of evil all the way to the bank. Future plans consist of a long-deserved rest at the old assassins home: my L81 strafeazon is too far ahead in the experience race for crafting competition, and runs cows better than the assassin could ever hope to.

All in all, this was a lot of fun to play. I rarely remembered to use my Tiger Strike, as Mind Blast and CoS were on the left mouse button when I wasn’t switching between BoS and Venom. Straight Shadow tree is viable if you are patient and have some +3 Shadow Skills gear around; the damage isn’t great, but IAS, CB, and poison rule 1.07, and this build has got them in spades. I’d highly recommend this type of assassin to anyone looking to get a feel for 1.07 melee as it has a lot of options and some decent panic buttons (like running away at full BoS speed).

I am almost exactly ½ way through my 1.07 Septeverate (FrenzyBarb just starting A5 NM), and I think this is the best overall character. Cloak of Shadows and Mind Blast are irresistible crowd control, Shadow Master actually does stuff in Hell other than serve as a meat shield So much so that I will likely do a bonus 8th character in the Sept and Mat a Trap/Blade Fury Assassin, having just shopped a Lord’s Runic Talon w/+3 Blade Fury.


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Re: Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin

Nicely done. :thumbsup:

Always admire anyone who goes off the beaten track and that gear is definitely that.

Looking forward to your other Mat/Pat threads.

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Re: Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin


Way to stick with that one. Assassins are indeed versatile, but I didn't think the damage bonus from claw mastery was going to get you all the way through.

You mentioned dying in act IV a lot... any problems with Hephasto? He has been a real bastard for many chars in 1.07. Even my barbs are wary around him.

Again, conrats on the matriarch.


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Re: Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin

Congratulations on the Matriach.

I read the write up quite quickly, but am I right in thinking you were attacking with normal attack? Quite an achievement anyway.


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Re: Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin

Congratulations on the Matriach.

I read the write up quite quickly, but am I right in thinking you were attacking with normal attack? Quite an achievement anyway.
Normal attack, all the way. Buffed BoS of 16 made normal attack pretty strong. I'm guessing I hit 5-6 frames with 49% CB using the Scissors Suwayyah (the gloves are ridiculous), so even the 50% PDR in Hell wasn't too much of an issue. Stoneskin bosses were roughly as easy for this character as for my frenzybarb.

Claw Mastery at 24 gave me strong attacks with great AR, so that CB was constantly biting huge chunks off every monsters. Champions went down in 3-8 swings (depending on how many landed), normal monsters were 2-3 swings. I really liked being able to pick my target vs. Zeal or Frenzy, and CoS + Mind Blast gave me the cushion I needed to safely wade in the thick of melee and dispatch my enemies. Note that I was sporting about +114 max damage in charms and +23% ED from the jewel in Guillame's Face, so some of the hits I delivered were monsters by 1.07 standards.

Hephasto wasn't a singular issue--Conviction auras were. My defense was laughable (I'd rather not be seen/noticed than missed when the enemy swung), so elemental damage and/or extra strong with Conviction were bad combos. Since bosses/champs ignore Mind Blast/CoS, they could cut through me like paper. FHR and BoS to run away were very helpful, but 700+ life isn't great.

Thanks to the 1.07 crew for the encouragement and advice. ATMA may have made 1.07 more fun, but the advice and wisdom of the 1.07 folks made this (and my Strafeazon Mat) possible.


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Re: Matriach Storm_Shadow, 1.07 "Pure" Shadow Assassin

Thanks for the good word. It's been a lot of fun rooting for you to get your toons through the game.

As for Heph, my assassin blushes to admit that she used psychic hammer to put him in hit recovery while her shadow master did the dirty work.

Conviction was pure evil in 1.07 and they toned it down a lot in 1.08 or 1.09. Oy!