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Mathematician-Cultist of the Day


Most famous for the theorem regarding right triangles which is named for him, Pythagoras also founded a cult which revered numbers as the source and basis of all creation. The Pythagoreans discovered irrational numbers, but this discovery so upset their world view that they tried to keep the information secret. Legend says that one of their number was drowned for revealing this secret to outsiders.


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Just saw the movie 'Pi' yesterday again. Good, strange movie. Has some cult status. It is about a mathematician who also seeks an order in the universe through numbers.
It has some references in it to Phytogoras.

Go rent!

Best quote:
"Then you're no longer a mathematician, then you're a numerologist!"

Grr pIER


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Legend has it too Pythagoras was killed by an angry mob. Pythagoras created a cult and formed their own religion. They believed in reincarnation and being a vegetatrian. Their reason was that they believed man would be reincarnated into an animal and eating meat would be like eating their friends. Pythagoras had a chance to escape his death but refused to take refuge in a bean patch. He reasoned that souls were resting in bean patches before being reincarated. Just something I read on the back of a milk carton.


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All the cultist signed an agreement saying that whatever they "discovered" would be published under Pythagoras' name. Supposebly that one member who was drowned published something under his own name instead...


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DurfBarian said:
I heard he was stabbed to death by angry men wielding right triangles.
Rather they established from previously stated axioms that his existence was a contradiction, thus proving that he did not exist, and so he died.