Mat MissyMagix


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Mat MissyMagix

my first mat of my d2 career..introducing MissyMagix :innocent: she is a fire sorc and became my first Mat when i joined in a public game to kill baal a few days back..didn't do it by myself but still..just wanted to share the joy with all the other mats and pats out there :buddies:


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woehoe :lol: the first one :thumbsup:

gratz on the mat, may many follow in her footsteps ^^

now head over to the EMB and have a :drink: on me


ps.. what was her equipment and skill/stat allocation?? those parts are even more interesting :)


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Missy is a pure fire sorc..without help from the ppl in the pub game i couldn't have made it pass lister and his fire immune buddies :innocent:

maxed meteor
maxed firebolt
maxed fireball
maxed FM
and abit of points here and there in the usual tele, warmth and stuff..

she's my first sorc character so her stas were abit off but still..she's the apple of my eye :lol:

str 90 ( just enuff to wear tal rasha..stormshield and stuff were unknowns to me when i created her)
dex 101 ( hahaha din know anything bout max block too)
vit 201 ( and counting.. :innocent: )
nrg 150 ( i know alot of ppl can get by with base energy..maybe i will try that with my next sorc =))

her equip:
pTopaz harly's crest (used to be pTopaz Tal helm but i just found my first shako on hell andy just now :surprise: )
Tal's ammy
pTopaz Tal armor
Magefist gloves
Uped Goldwrap battle belt
i'm using dual nagelrings for MF and dwarfstar/ravenfrost when needed
and some 35% MF boots
Tal's orb / pDiamond lidless with Gull/rhyme shield on switch

thats bout all..gonna start on my new assassin Mousetrap soon..created her but she's gonna expire in erm..8 days..beter get down to it soon =)


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Congratulations! :clap: Fire sorcs are fun to play, dropping large rocks on your enemies...


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yeah! i love dropping meteors and watching the screen burn..but the delay of meteor is a pain though.. :scratch:

i must agree with strijdje that the first one is always the best..i have a FO sorc Icy_Magix and a lightning sorc Sparky_Magix too but Missy is still the best!

Crazy Runner Guy

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Congrats on the Mat! First ones are always the best!

btw, going fure fire, how did you get past FI-heavy areas i.e. Chaos Sanc? I'm curious. I know Gohan did it with a staff of +1 FO.



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Congratulations on your Matriarch. Always good to get that first one done. Is she going to be a MFer, or is she looking at retirement?


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i got a cool bunch of friends to bring me thru..lightning sorcs blizz sorcs babas zoomancers u name it u got it..they were the ones who brought me through the FI infested areas.. :innocent:

MissyMagix is doing intensive MFing these days..won't be looking at retirement anytime soon..and she has gotten me very nice drops just from yesterday..2 ravenfrosts 1 dwarfstar 3 crescent moon ammies and a poison rainbow facet jewel among the many uniques and sets..u go girl!!! :worship:

p.s. oh in reply to Crazy Runner Guy's post..i wanted to go thru it myself..but my level 2 FO was erm..well..tough to say the least..hahaha :innocent: