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Mat eliza

Well I finally got around to finishing her.

Sorc - lv 77

str - 156
dex - base
vit - 254
eng - base

75 resist all
Life(with gear and charms) - 1124
Mana - 666

FO dmg - 459-482(lv 29)
CL dmg - 4-2966
Lightning - 4-5171


Frozen orb - 20
CM - 4
Lightning - 20
Chain lightning - 20
LM - 12

Full Tal's
Spirit monarch
Aldur's Advance

a whole bunch of mf sc and resist charms

I loved playing this sorc through the game it was a lot of fun. I don't know why people say you need atleast 117% fc with cl I had 83%
and it was fine. Playing this build made me love my insight merc stick even more then I did it's extremely mana hungry.

I don't think I've ever had so much trouble getting ancients that arn't extra strong/cursed or aura enchanted I must of rerolled them over 20 times. I'm not quite good enough to take Cursed/extra strong/fanat ancients.

No noticable drops unfortunatly. There wer plenty of set/uniques just none of them were good. Can't remember the hellforges they were a while ago I think hell was a fal though.

Didn't really have any problems going through hell except the ancients although that was kind of expected(I was playing on p1).

Now that shes finished she will pretty much be retired. I originally made her to run countess but since I started hellforge rushing thats a bit pointless and everything else I would use her for my blizzard sorc can do better(except maybe the pits).