Mat Electra


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Mat Electra

I wont go too much into detail

Mat Electra Sorc lvl 86

str 158
vit 234

life 639
mana 667


occy socketed with unique lit jewel
griffens eye socketed with unique lit jewel
coh wire fleece
tg vigor
natalyas boots

2 +1 lit grand charms

20 charged bolt, lit, chain lit, lit mastery

with skills gear all maxed 32

nova 12 going to max
1 in prereqs and warmth, and tstorm

merc has bonehew, tal helm, and ethereal durials

anything i couldnt kill was killed by merc or i just ran. lit damage 1-17500 and chain is 1-7500 with 11 hits. anything not lit immune dies. meph can be ran in 15secs. eldritch shenk thresh and pindle are ran before tstrom runs out so not sure on the time. thanks to lone wolf (Raven) for helping me with act 2-4 act 5 i did on my own. thank god none of baals minions are lit immune. fast killer and can survive with 45% block and lit absorb. i laugh at gloams, as they cant damage me and of course i cant damage them.

fun build


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Congratulations on your achievement! You appear to have some experience, so I'm sure you've done this before. What are your future plans for her? Designated MFer? Level to 99? Graceful retirement?


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Congrats! That build sounds fast and furious...i might have to put that on my list of characters to build. :)


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Congrats on Mat, pure lightning sorc is quite interesting (and alone playing challenging too :p)

btw that bowazon called Raven is mine ;)


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nice work there.

and lprman was the person who helped you :thumbsup:

thats some impressive damage there.

think your sorc with a avenger:worship:


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Im sorry LprMan for some reason i could have sworn that was lonewolf. Correction, thank you to LprMan for his help with my questing.

As of plans since she can run main bosses and act uniques she will be my new mfer. she can run the pit too but archers give her trouble since they are immune to lightning.

And as a tip for people, get a t gods vigor. you will never experience a death by lightning ever. they are by far the belts my casters use


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congrats on the lightning mat! someone i can look up to when i get down to training my lightning sorc :thumbsup:


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wow a pure lichtning sorc... awesome power there :thumbsup:
gratz on the Mat, now try a pure Blizzard build ;)



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Congratulations on the new Mat boogied. I, never having 1. made a Sorc past Act2 2. made a Mat 3. dreamed of a 1 tree Sorc, applaud your accomplishment!